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V.A. - Psychedelic Jumble Vol. 1 - What's The Rush Time Machine Man? (2007)

V.A. - Psychedelic Jumble Volume One: What's the Rush, Time Machine Man?
(2007 Rev-Ola Records, crrev217 cd)

VARIOUS Psychedelic Jumble Volume 1: What's The Rush Time Machine Man? (2007 UK CD album, featuring 20 slices of impossibly rare British pop-psych, all previously unreleased at the time! A fantastic collection of beautifully restored gems, rescued from acetates, tapes and wax discs, including material from Tintern Abbey [the proposed follow up to their £1000-rated 'Beeside' single], Opal Butterfly [featuring a pre-Hawkwind Lemmy & Simon King], Penny Peeps [featuring a pre-Jethro Tull Martin Barre], Honeybus, Rupert's People and many more, dazzlingly packaged in the tried & tested Rev-Ola Fashion!).
Rev-Ola Records
Year of Release: 2007

01. The Majority - You Can Run
02. Tintern Abbey - Do What You Must
03. Paradox - What's The Rush, Dillbury?
04. The Honeybus - Delighted To See You
05. The Penny Peeps - Meet Me At The Fair
06. The Majority - Our Love Will Be So Strong
07. Tintern Abbey - How Do You Feel Today?
08. Five's Company - Friends And Mirrors
09. Paradox - Mary Colinto
10. The Penny Peeps - Into My Life She Came
11. The Majority - Time Machine Man
12. Opal Butterfly - Mary Anne With The Shakey Hand
13. Tintern Abbey - Naked Song
14. Paradox - Like The Day Goes
15. The Penny Peeps - Helen Doesn't Care
16. unknown - You And Me Baby
17. The Majority - Don't Know What You're Doing
18. Tintern Abbey - It's Just That The People Can't See
19. Paradox - Somebody Save Me
20. Rupert's People - Flying High

This review is from: Psychedelic Jumble Vol.1: What's the Rush Time Machine Man? (Audio CD):
What a top compilation of magic gems on this 1 CD. I ordered this album knowing that it will be a great listen and as soon as it arrived through the letterbox of my front door, I played it. It was what I was looking for in a British psychedelic pop compilation as the songs are rare and probably only feature on this disk. The artists deserve to be listened to. Some songs will always remind you of songs by well known artists (The Who, The Beatles, The Kinks for example), but it ISN'T them.
The sleeve is a bonus with an introduction by Stefen Granados (I assume he compiled the tracks) and a write up on the bands featured. The Majority, Tintern Abbey, Paradox, The Penny Peeps, Honeybus, Opal Butterfly, Five's Company, The Obscured Rays and Rupert's People are all here.
According to Stefen; 'Be warned that Psychedelic Jumble is not always a hi-fi listening experience, given that all but one of these were rescued from well worn crumbling tapes, but through the tireless efforts of sound wizard supreme Nick Robbins, all have been restored to a more than acceptable level of fidelity.' In other words, they are great songs with some slight crackle and hiss amongst the sound (some sound better than others)...I think that is the beauty of it.
If you're a collector of music, especially Psychedelic music, get this album.
~ By Mr. Brass (Manchester, England)

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