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V.A. - Back to Peru: The Most Complete Compilation of Peruvian Underground '64-74 (2002)

V.A. - Back to Peru: The Most Complete Compilation of Peruvian Underground '64-74
(Released 2002, 2LP, VampiSoul VAMPI LP 001)

Outside of a handful of reissues from Inca rock outfits like We All Together, Traffic Sound, and Laghonia, the Peruvian music of the rock roll era has gone largely unrecognized and underappreciated in the English-speaking world. Back to Peru, a superbly eclectic and comprehensive overview of the scene during its 1964 to 1974 heyday, goes far in correcting the error, casting a net over the best hard rock, garage, soul, and unclassifiable weirdness the country has to offer. According to the engaging liner notes, this stuff is rare even in its native land, going far beyond the few Peruvian artists who have earned international notice into uncharted territory -- the sheer scope of the material is impressive enough, but its consistently high quality really pushes the disc over the top. Highlights include Hot Butter Sound's "Pa Pa Pa," los Holys' "Holy's Psicodelicos," and Black Sugar's "Funky Man."
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35 track collection of Peruvian beat/psych/prog covering the period from 1964 to 1974. Includes St Thomas Smelter,Los Mutables, Jaguars, Smog, Los Datsuns (nothing to do with current NZ rockers), We All Together, Traffic Sound and many more. With the album tracks running (almost) chronologically, you get a good idea of the progression of Underground music in Peru during the decade featured; from the beat/r&b of Los Saicos to the funky psych of Los Mirlos. Pressed on heavy vinyl and housed in a beautiful gatefold sleeve.
This is the album rip.

Disc 1 side A:
A1. Los Saicos - Demolicion 2:55
A2. Los Atomos - La muere de mi Hermano 2:21
A3. Los Mads's - The Last Time 3:03
A4. Termits - Bailemos 2:31
A5. Los York's - Abrazame Baby 4:08
A6. Snacks - La pitita 1:49
A7. Los Silverton's - Te amo 2:48
A8. Golden Stars - Tema de los Golden Stars 2:48
A9. Texao - Stone 2:29
A10. Los Mutables - Pasos en la luna 2:44

Disc 1 side B:
B1. Los Holy's - Holy's Psicodelicos 2:23
B2. Los 007 - No te puedo encontrar 3:04
B3. Los Belkings - Negro es negro 3:14
B4. Pina y sus Estrellas - Los extraños 2:43
B5. Hot Butter's Sound - Pa-Pa-Pa 3:07
B6. Los Doltons - Horizontes perdidos 2:44
B7. Los Jaguars - Melodia Apache 2:33
B8. Los Shain's - Summertime 4:28
B9. Ringers - You Gotta Try 4:40

Disc 2 side A:
C1. The (St. Thomas) Pepper Smelter - You, I 3:12
C2. New Juggler Sound - Glue 3:21
C3. Smog - Wiched Man 3:28
C4. Los Comandos - Eleva tu mente 2:44
C5. Los Datsun's - Who'll Stop the Rain 2:23
C6. Illicit - Realize 3:48
C7. Laghonia - World Full of Nuts 3:34
C8. We All Together - Carry on Till Tomorrow 4:49

Disc 2 side B:
D1. El Polen - Mi cueva 4:23
D2. El Opio - Una bruja en el cuczo 3:11
D3. Telegraph Avenue - Tookie Tookie 3:47
D4. Black Sugar - Funky Man 2:03
D5. Zulu - Candela. 3:58
D6. Pax - Exorcismo 4:14
D7. Traffic Sound - Meshkalina 3:29
D8. Los Mirlos - Sonido amazunico 2:41

Download Links:
Disc 1:
V.A. - Back To Peru (disk 1).rar
V.A. - Back to Peru - Peruvian Underground 64-74 (2001 vinyl).rar (129.99 MB)

Disc 2:
V.A. - Back To Peru (disk 2).rar
V.A. - Back to Peru - Peruvian Underground 64-74 (2001 vinyl).rar (129.31 MB)


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Wonderful, nearly five years after your original post and you have kept this alive - all credit to your hard work.

Vampisoul have done so many incredible releases and really looking forward to hearing this - just discovered the two Black Sugar albums and have been blown away by the Peruvian groove!

Thanks again.

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