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The Brazda Brothers - The Brazda Brothers (Can 1973, Folk-psych)

The Brazda Brothers - The Brazda Brothers (Can 1973, Folk-psych)

Currently: ON, Canada

* Mac Babb (bass),
* Andy Brazda (lead guitar, acoustic guitar),
* Bystrik Brazda (acoustic guitar),
* Vinston Dookie (congas),
* Fred O'Quinn (guitar),
* Vince Romano (accordion),
* Jim Skriboleit (drums)

Ripped By: ChrisGoesRock

01. Walking the sun
02. 20th century
03. Blooming flowers
04. Share with love
05. My little girl
06. Calm river
07. Gemini
08. Nature
09. Civilization
10. Soldier in the battleground
11. Lonely Time
12. Your Kingdom

Canadian rural acid folk from 1973, that recalls early 70s UK psych-folk. There's some groovy acid fuzz guitar work interwoven with gentle acoustic numbers. The original LP is rumored to go for $600-800 and is incredibly hard to find.
~ internet source.
1973 album by the Canadian band fronted by acoustic guitarist Bystrik and lead guitarist Andy Brazda. Mesmerizing acid folk/rock featuring gentle acoustic material with bursts of electric guitar and keyboards. There is some great acid fuzz guitar work and at times the sound is more garage psych than folk. Leigt reissue of this 1973 release. "Mesmerizing Canadian acid folk that is easy to drift away to. Cuts like 'Walking in the Sun', 'Gemini' with fuzz guitar, 'Soldier in a Battleground' and more. This in some ways reminds me of the great UK folk pieces of the very early 70's. The original album goes for $600 now and is never seen.
~ By: ChrisGoesRock.

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