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Rainman - Rainman (Holland 1971 electric folk)

Rainman - Rainman (Holland 1971 electric folk)

Born: Den Haag, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands

Member of: Circus, Cuby + Blizzards, Freelance Band, Q65, Red White & Blue Band.

Also Known As: Frank Nuyens [birth name]

Recording information: Bovema Studios, Heemstede.

*Enno Velthuys (acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar)
*Piet Kuyters (piano)
*Philip Peters (keyboard)
*Jay Baar (drums, maracas)
*Willie Beekman (drums).

01. Rainman
02. Natural Man
03. Don΄t
04. Vicious Circle
05. Don΄t Make Promises
06. You Will Be Freed By Me
07. Money Means Nothing At All
08. Get You To Come Through
09. She Told Me So
10. They Did΄t Feel
11. The Joy That Is Inside
12. The Bird (Bonus)

Ripped by: ChrisGoesRock

Originally released only in Holland, this is the first CD reissue of the superb 1970 solo LP from Frank Nuyens aka Rainman -- the lead guitarist of legendary Dutch blues/psych-rockers, Q65.
A moody blend of folk, pop and psychedelia, with some blazing guitar leads, the album also features his Q65 bandmate Jay Baar, as well as Dick Beekman (Cuby & The Blizzards), Francois Content (Swinging Soul Machine) and other leading Dutch musicians on flute, vibes, congas and other instruments. It's presented here complete with an ultra-rare bonus track taken from his sole, non-LP 45, making it an essential purchase for all fans of acid-tinged singer-songwriting.
~ by: ChrisGoesRock

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