Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Caedmon - Live (uk 1978 folk-rock)

Caedmon - Live (uk 1978 folk-rock)

Formed 1973, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Angela Naylor (Lead vocals, 1973-78),
Jim Bisset (Electric and acoustic guitars, vocals),
Simon Jaquet (Acoustic guitar, mandolin, bongos, vocals),
Sam Wilson (bass, vocals),
Ken Patterson (keyboards, cello, acoustic guitar, vocals)

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The original private pressing of Caedmon's sole 1978 album is one of the most valuable and best '70's UK folk rock records around. This live CD collects together previously unreleased live material for the first time.

01. London Psalm
02. Ivory Tower
03. Worlds and Friends
04. Aslan
05. Sea Song
06. Garden
07. Caedmon Hymn
08. Sunchild
09. Heaven Haven
10. Ten Maidens Fair
11. Maker Man
12. Storm
13. Beyond the Second Mile
14. Columba

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great music

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