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Earth & Fire - Song of the Marching Children (Hol 1971)

Earth & Fire - Song of the Marching Children (Hol 1971 + 3 Bonus Tracks.)

Formed: November 23, 1968 , Den Haag, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands
Disbanded: 1990 //

Year of release: 1971
Original Label: Polydor, Holland (2925 003)

*Chris Koerts: Electric and acoustic guitar, vocals, oscillator
*Gerars Koerts: Organ, piano, mellotron, vibes, synthesizer, flute, virginal, vocals
*Hans Ziech: Bass guitar
*Ton van de Kleij: Drums, percussion, vocals
*Jerney Kaagman: Vocals

01. Carnaval of the animals (C. Koerts, H. Ziech, G. Koerts) [2:42]
02. Ebbtide (T. van de Kleij, C. Koerts, H. Ziech, G. Koerts) [3:07]
03. Storm and thunder (C. Koerts, H. Ziech, G. Koerts) [6:25]
04. In the mountain (C. Koerts) [3:03]
05. Song of the marching children (C. Koerts, H. Ziech, G. Koerts) [18:25]
- a) Theme of the marching children [2:20]
- b) Opening of the seal [1:10]
- c) Childhood [3:10]
- d) Affliction [1:30]
- e) Damnation [2:53]
- f) Purification [4:17]
- g) The march [3:02]
CD Bonus tracks:
06. Lost forever (C. Koerts, H. Ziech, G. Koerts) [2:48]
07. Invitation (C. Koerts) [3:50]
08. Song of the marching children (C. Koerts, H. Ziech, G. Koerts) (single version) [4:08]

Produced by Fred Haayen and Jaap EggermontRecorded at the GTB studio, The Hague, Phonogram studio, Hilversum and Soundpush studio, Blaricum.
Engineered by Henri Bentzon, Eric Bakker, Pieter Nieboer, Jan Schuurman, Albert Kos, John Sonneveld and Dick Bakker.
Cover design by Erik van der Weijden.
Lost forever is the flip side of the Storm and thunder single.
The tracks [7] and [8] are the a- and b-side of another 7".
Both were released in 1971.

LP Polydor 2925003 (1971)
CD Polydor 831 641-2 (1987) (together with Atlantis)
CD Universal music (2004)

In October 1971 'Song of the marching children' was released, the second Earth and Fire album, regarded by many publications as one of the best Dutch albums ever made. This album still reaches high positions in all kinds of album charts, even after thirty years. The first album contained individual songs, but ‘Song of the marching children’ was Earth and Fire’s first concept album. It was recorded in three studios. Apart from the GTB studio in The Hague, the band also recorded in the Phonogram studio in Hilversum and the Soundpush studio in Blaricum. Producer Fred Haaven was assisted by Jaap Eggermont and Dick Bakker, the present director of the famous Metropool Orchestra, was one of the sound technicians.
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Their second album was probably their definitive masterpiece in my opinion. The sound from the debut-album had became softer, more polished and much more symphonic as the band now had introduced Mellotron to their sound. And they used it VERY well, especially on the 20-minute title-track on side 2. This was their first attempt at long-scale compositions and remains a classic among 20-minute progressive rock songs. The melodies and themes are extremely strong and the very mighty and powerful Mellotron-arrangement along with the organ, tasty synths and their vocal-harmonies with the distinctive female-voice of Jerney Kaagman in front makes this a truly delightful listen. Side 1 consists of 4 shorter tracks, but of the same high quality. "Ebbtide" sounds like one of the softer and atmospheric tracks from the debut, while the instrumental "In the Mountain" may revealed that they had been listening a bit to their countrymen in Focus. "Carnaval of the Animals" and "Storm and Thunder" were on the other hand more in their new symphonic style. The latter starts with some powerful organ before the Mellotron joins in and Kaagman starts to sing the atmospheric lyrics and then the harpsichord also starts. The track gets gradually more dramatic as the lyrics do the same. Try to get the German pressing from 1975 if you can find it, as it also includes their hit song "Memories" that previously only had been available on single.
Highly recommended .
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