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Cat Mother And The All Night Newsboys - Good Old Rock'n Roll Music (us 1969 psych)

Cat Mother and the All Night Newsboys - Good Old Rock'n Roll Music (us 1969)
[Barclay 921018 - Vinyl LP]
AKA: "The Street Giveth and the Street Taketh Away "

Formed: 1967, Greenwich Village, New York, NY
Disbanded: 1977, New York City, NY

*William David "Charlie" Chin (guitar),
*Roy "Bones" Michaels (vocals, bass),
*Bob Smith (vocals, keyboards, drums),
*Michael Equine (drums, guitar),
*Larry Israel Packer (guitar, violin)

*Produced by: Jimi Hendrix.

01. Good old rocn'n roll (Michaels/Smith/Equine/Chin/Parker)
- a. Sweet little sixteen
- b. Long tall Sally
- c. Chantilly lace
- d. Whole lotta shakin'Goin'on
- e. Blue suede shoes
- f. part doll
02. Favors (Michaels/Smith/Equine/Chin/Parker)
03. Chalie's Waltz (Charlie Chin)
04. How I spent my Summer (Robert Smith)
05. Marie (Chin/Smith/Parker)
06. Probably won't (Robert Smith)
07. Can you dance to it? (Robert Smith)
08. Bramble Bush (Roy Michaels)
09. Bad news (Chin/Michaels/Equine)
10. Boston Burglar (Michaels/Smith/Equine/Chin/Parker)
11. Track in 'A' (N. Nights/Michaels/Smith/Equine/Chin/Parker)

Grassroots rockers Cat Mother & the All Night Newsboys formed in New York's Lower East Side in 1967 -- comprising singer/guitarist Larry Parker, lead guitarist Charlie Chin, bassist Roy Michaels, keyboardist Bob Smith, and drummer Michael Equine; By year's end they were regularly headlining the Cafe Wha?, and soon were ensconced as the house band at the famed Electric Circus. In 1969 the group signed to Polydor Records, with longtime friend Jimi Hendrix agreeing to produce their debut LP The Street Giveth and the Street Taketh Away -- supported by a series of appearances as Hendrix's opener, the record generated Cat Mother & the All Night Newsboys' lone Top 40 hit "Good Old Rock and Roll," a medley of pop classics from the late 1950s. Chin left the lineup soon after, and in an attempt to also sever ties with manager Michael Jeffrey, the remaining bandmembers traveled to San Francisco to record the follow-up, 1970s Albion Doowah, a pastoral, country-inspired effort featuring Paul Johnson on guitar and Jay Ungar on bass. Parker split soon after, and the remaining trio of Michaels, Smith and Equine returned to New York, abbreviating their name to simply Cat Mother and recruiting guitarist Charlie Prichard and percussionist Steve Davidson for their eponymous 1971 LP. Guitarist Charlie Harcourt replaced Prichard for Cat Mother's fourth and final album, 1973's aptly-titled Last Chance Dance, although the group continued playing live for several years to follow.
~ by Jason Ankeny, All Music Guide.

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Jay Ungar said...

Compliments, the storyline is pretty accurate. One peronal correction. I was in the original lineup in 1967, left the band, then returned for a year on electric fiddle & mando and rhythm guitar when the band headed to California and recorded Albion Doo Wah.

Anonymous said...

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alfaios said...

Hi Jay Ungar.
Your comment is a great honour for me!.
Thank you for your personal correction and this information!, :-)

Herringbone said...

Most people don't know that Charlie Chin also played(plays) great Frailing Banjo. It was he who played the banjo part in the middle of the Buffalo Springfield's Bluebird,off the 2nd album BS Again.(not the remix w/ Stills' weird vocal interlude) I was fortunate to learn Frailing from Charlie at Pinewoods, the musical summer camp, on Happy Traum's beautiful Bacon Whyte Lady.

danilo said...

Thanks good album and the link still