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Day Blindness - Day Blindness (us 1969)

Day Blindness - Day Blindness (us 1969)

Formed: 1967, Daly City, CA, United States
Disbanded: 1970 //

*Gary Pihl (guitar, vocals),
*Felix Bria (bass, organ, vocals),
*Roy Garcia (drums, 1967-69),
*Johnny Vernazza (guitar),
*Dave Mitchell (drums, vocals, 1969-70)

Track Listing:
01. Still Life Girl
02. Jazz Song
03. Middle Class Lament
04. I Got No Money
05. House And A Dog
06. Live Deep
07. Young Girl Blues
08. Holy Laned

This very obscure & classic album created by the San Francisco psychedelic band Day Blindness in 1969 features driving guitars & crunching organ. Long jams sum up their music, which shows influences of both Iron Butterfly & The Doors.
Day Blindness came together in 1968 from a pair of competing bands at Jefferson High School in California's San Mateo county. One of the bands was a trio led by guitarist Gary Pihl -- from nearby Santa Clara High -- and included Felix Bria on keyboards and Dave Neuman on drums. This unit ran across one of its rivals, the Dimensions, at a county battle-of-the-bands competition at which both were short-listed. The Dimensions were made up of the Tabucci brothers, Mark and Charles, on saxophones; lead guitarist Ken Starr (younger brother of a Ventures member); Roy Garcia behind the drums; John Vernaza on rhythm guitar; and bass player Ramos Ramirez. So impressed were Pihl and Bria by Garcia's drumming abilities upon seeing the band play that they soon asked him to replace Neuman. The resulting trio officially became Day Blindness in thesummer of 1968.
Over the next year, Day Blindness played gigs at many of the most notable venues throughout the Bay Area, even landing an opening slot for Sly & the Family Stone, both locally and on tour. By 1969, Mark Tabucci, who had also become a behind-the-scenes supporter of the band during the Dimensions swap, began to construct a small studio at 10 Claude Lane, funded by local backers and sponsors, in anticipation of the recording of an album. Once Studio 10 was ready, Day Blindness, with new skinsman Dave Mitchell in Garcia's old spot, set about working on that debutrecord. During the sessions, both Bob Dylan and Janis Joplin stopped by to submit a variety tips, including song titles and artwork. Soon thereafter, Day Blindness was released, though to little fanfare.
The band started to come apart almost immediately after the album's release. Producer and engineer Tom Press used some of his proceeds from the album to buy a Harley-Davidson motorcycle and disappear into the '70s. Tabucci became an automobile repairman for the Jefferson Airplane. Drummer Mitchell went on to produce and engineer for other acts, including Emerson, Lake & Palmer. Pihl later turned up in platinum-selling rock band Boston, then went on to play with Sammy Hagar in the 1990s. Day Blindness, not a big seller upon its release, took on a life of its own in collector's circles, including the circulation of a pirated bootleg CD in the late '90s. Gear Fab brought it back legitimately with an official 2002 CD reissue.
~ Stanton Swihart, All Music Guide.

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I have had this LP since the early 1970's and just found this blog. Nice to read about the band and what happened to them. I am playing it right now and burning to my computer (ONE LAST TIME for all of my LP's and 45's from the 1950's on to the early 1990's). Thanks for posting this on your blog.