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Blops - Locomotora (Chile 1973)

Blops - Locomotora (Chile 1973)

Formed: 1964, Santiago de Chile, Chile

Country: Chile
Genre: Folk Rock
Style: Progressive Folk / Psychedelic Folk
Total Time: 41:17

* Julio Villalobos (vocals, guitars, 1964-72),
* Alejandro Greene (guitars, 1964-66),
* Pedro Greene (drums, 1964-70, 2001-03),
* Andrés Orrego (vocals, 1966–69),
* Felipe Orrego (guitars, 1968-69),
* Juan Pablo Orrego, (vocals, bass, 1966-74, 1978-81, 2001-03),
* Eduardo Gatti (vocals, guitars, 1969-74, 1978-81, 2001-03),
* Juan Contreras (keyboards, flute, 1969-73),
* Sergio Bezard (drums, 1969-73),
* Juan Carlos Villegas (keyboards, 1972-73),
* Carlos Fernández (guitars, keyboards, 1974, 2001-03),
* Jaime Labarca (drums, percussion, 1978-81),
* Andrés Pollak (keyboards, 2001-02).

Members at this album:
* Eduardo Gatti ,
* Juan Pablo Orrego,
* Sergio Bezard,
* Juan Carlos Villega,
* Juan Contreras.

01. Allegro Ma Non Troppo
02. Tartaleta De Frutillas
03. Locomotora
04. Pirómano
05. Sandokán

West coast styled psych with folky jamming and some trippy guitar, flute and keyboard interplay.
~ Internet Source.
A sudden change in style. Still delicately played, but very progressive rock with jazzy touches. First track is progressive Rock with Tull like flutes. The second track is similar. "Locomotora" has an experimental rock start, then continues with a nice '70's prog rock that is the most progressive track from Chile from those days. Last track has very beautiful organ combined with freaky progressive rock.
~ by progressive.homestead.
This is an excellent instrumental album with 5 long rock songs. The hippie/poetic band experimented a lot into this one. There are great keyboard sections, progressive rock scales, latin rhythms, flutes and strange noises. "Allegro Ma Non Troppo" is a wonderful song that starts really slow and gets faster and more complex adding a good structure of flutes, a captivating bass line, rocking guitar solos and some amazing keyboards to delivered an over 12 minutes rock piece. "Tartaleta de Frutillas" has some Eduardo Gatti's voices, but no lyrics at all. The bass, the drums and the flutes become a beautiful basic structure to the song that later transforms into an experimental rock piece with fast keyboard solos a bit like Iron Butterfly. "Pirómano" is a very experimental piece that reaches a very fast velocity. "Locomotora" is a combination of progressive rock and hippie music and has some Genesis resemblances. "Sandokán" is the weirdest song on the album having a rock rhythm and a strange melody. Very experimental. The album is a classic. It was a major step for chilean rock.
~ by Multiverse (RYM).

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