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The Novells - That Did It (A Happening With The Novells) (us 1969, Mothers Lp)

The Novells - That Did It (A Happening with The Novells) (us 1969, Mothers Lp)

Formed: Los Angeles, CA, United States

* Robert Archer (Vocals, guitar, keyboard and fiddle),
* Ed Benson (Vocals, guitar and keyboard),
* Chip [Frederic] Moore (Vocals, drums, percussion and Xylophone),
* Terry Tibbetts (Vocals and bass).

1(A) THAT DID IT! A HAPPENING, INC. (Mothers Records MRS-73) 1968/9
1 Almost There/Sunshine Of Your Love (Mothers 1312) 1968/9

01. Almost There
02. Love
03. Age Of Innocence
04. Glass House
05. Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay
06. Pink Wall Paper
07. Sunshine Of Your Love
08. Tomorrow's Yesterday
09. Only You
10. Can't Ya See It
11. Time To Show Her

A L.A.-based outfit whose album is at present only a very minor collectable. Seriously arty pop it mixes soft melodies with searing acidic guitar - tracks like Love (a Lee Michaels cover) owe a heavy debt to the Vanilla Fudge school. With covers of Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay and Cream's Sunshine Of Your Love amongst freshly-scrubbed harmony pop, this group seemed to be in a quandary - "are we just another pop group or a serious rock band?" The resulting dichotomy won't convince fans of either genre, so the LP is disappointing and best described as patchy. Love has also resurfaced on Sixties Archive Vol. 8 (CD), Turds On A Bum Ride Vol. 1 & 2 (Dble CD) and Turds On A Bum Ride, Vol. 1 (Dble LP).
~ (Vernon Joynson / Max Waller / Stephane Rebeschini) / Fuzz,Acid & Flowers
The album is a mixture of originals and covers (for instance "Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay" which is a great pop version and "Sunshine of Your Love" which is pretty lame). Just about all the other songs have fantastic guitar, cool harmonized vocals, very competent drums, and melodic hooks. It's pop/psych but some tracks sound more garage-y, like "Pink Wallpaper". "Almost There" was a single, and is a good punchy track with tempo changes. "Pink Wallpaper", "Age of Innocence", "Only You" (not The Platters song!) and "Glass House" all stand out as well constructed and delivered songs by what sounds like a pretty youthful group. They have a delightful period naivety to their sound and a lot of it sounds like it could be used as sound library hire-out material for insertion into US TV series of the day. Overall, it's a very good and undiscovered pop album with enough guitar attack and melodic hooks...
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The album is a nice blend of pop melodies with a slant towards hard rock. Tasty fuzz guitars on the track "Love" (a Lee Michaels cover) and a great cover of "Sitting on the Dock of the Bay" A passable psych pop group as well as a serious rock band. Album produced by Boyce and Hart, members of The Monkees.
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