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The Nite People - P.M. (uk 1969)

The Nite People - P.M. (uk 1969)

* Patrick Bell - sax,
* Barry Curtis - organ,
* Christopher Feruson guitars,
* Francis Gordon - guitars,
* Jimmy Warwick - vocals, guitars,
* Martin Clark - bass.

1(B) P.M. (Page One POLS 025) 1969 R3

1 Sweet Tasting Wine/Nobody But You (Fontana TF 747) 1966
2 Trying To Find Another Man/Stay As Sweet As You Are (Fontana TF 808) 1967
3 Summertime Blues/In The Springtime (Fontana TF 885) 1967
4 Morning Sun/Weird And Funny (Fontana TF 919) 1968
5 Love, Love, Love/Hot Smoke And Sassafras (Page One POF 149) 1969
6 Is This A Dream/Cream Tea (Page One POF 159) 1969
7 Season Of The Rain/P.M. (Page One POF 174) 1969

01. P.M.
02. Rock Island Line
03. Train and a River
04. Reach Out I'll be There
05. Funky Hoe
06. Season of the Rain
07. Native Land
08. North Canadian Paradise
09. Delilah
10. Peaches En Regalia

Total Time: 39:43

"Very limited edition of 500 copies of this much sought after 1969 UK heavy progressive rock album that was released on Larry Page's label. Featuring some stunning fluid guitar work and swirling keyboard flourishes this great album mixes psych/progressive covers of "Reach Out I'll Be There," "Delilah," and "Peaches En Regalia" with some fine originals".
~ by: folski (RYM).
A progressive rock outfit from Southampton whose music was characterised by a heavy organ and guitar sound. Their album included a rework of Frank Zappa's Peaches en Regalia, but their finest moment was their Morning Sun 45 for Fontana, which was written and produced by the Spencer Davis Group. Their version of Hot Smoke and Sassafras can also be heard on Glimpses, Vol. 1. They relied a lot on cover versions on their 45s; Sweet Tasting Wine (Tony Colton), Trying To Find Another Man (Righteous Brothers oldie) and Summertime Blues (Eddie Cochran).
~ by: Eliahu .

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