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Faithful Breath - Fading Beauty (Ger 1973)

Faithful Breath - Fading Beauty (Germany 1973)

Formed: 1967, Witten, Germany
Disbanded: 1987 //

* Heinz Mikus (Lead Vocals, Guitars),
* Horst Stabenow (Guitars, Bass),
* Manfred von Buttlar (Guitars, Piano, Organ),
* Jurgen Weritz (Drums).

Produced by Boggi Kopec and Faithful Breath.
Total Playing Time - 44:11.

A1. Autumn Fantasia: Fading Beauty 12:08
A2. Autumn Fantasia: Lingering Cold 10:25
B1. Tharsis 21:38

The origins of Faithful Breath are somewhat obscure. Originally they were a symphonic rock band, in fact one of the earliest of the genre in Germany. Their debut album FADING BEAUTY has indeed justly become revered as a classic, having lengthy side-long suites, composed of a melodic, oft-sedate and dramatic rock, driven on by vast washes of keyboards (lots of Mellotron and synthesizers) and lengthy involved instrumentals, merging in with mysterious songs with a science fiction fantasy concept. Several years on (and after many line-up changes, in fact they were a guitar/keyboards/drums trio at one point) they returned with the album BACK ON MY HILL, which presented a less esoteric but still interesting rock music with contrasting LP sides: one of shorter hard-rock based tracks, and the other a lengthy suite spurred on by majestic Mellotron orchestrations. Later, with only one original member, Faithful Breath have become a Heavy Metal band gaining some international success, but far from their former glories and out of the scope of this book!
~ "The Crack In The Cosmic Egg" by Steven Freeman & Alan Freeman.

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