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Madder Lake - Still Point (Australia 1973)

Madder Lake - Still Point (Australia 1973)

Formed: 1971, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

* Mick Fettes (vocals, 1971-75),
* Jack Kreemers (drums),
* Brendon Mason (lead guitar),
* Kerry McKenna (bass, synthesizer, vocals, guitar),
* John McKinnon (piano, organ, vocals, ?-1973, 1976-78),
* Andy Cowan (keyboards, 1973-75),
* Colin Setches (vocals, 1975-76),
* Tony Lake (vocals, 1976-78),
* Ian Holding (bass, 1976).

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- Stillpoint (Mushroom MRL 34915) 1973 Reissued on CD (Mushroom D 19529) 1991
- Butterfly Farm (Mushroom L 35090) 1974Reissued on CD (Mushroom D 19760) 1993
- There was also a Best Of (Mushroom) 1978 compilation, later reissued on CD (Mushroom D 19226) 1991
- Goodbye Lollipop/Bumper Bar Song (Mushroom MRK-4986) 1973
- 12-Lb Toothbrush/Country Blues (Mushroom K-5230) 1973
- Butterfly Farm/Back Seat Song (Mushroom K-5453) 1974
- Booze Blues/One Star And The Moon (Mushroom K-5516) 1974
- It's All In Your Head/Slack Alice (Mushroom K-5732) 1974

01. Salmon Song
02. On My Way To Heaven
03. Helper
04. Listen The Morning Sunshine
05. Goodbye Lollipop
06. Song For Little Ernest
07. 12lb Toothbrush

Madder Lake formed in 1971 in Melbourne and lasted until 1978. They played inventive progressive rock, which was full of great guitar work and complex arrangements, and were the first band to be signed to a Mushroom Records contract.
Their debut album, "Stillpoint", was adventurous and owed its unique sound to Mick Fettes' unique vocals, John McKinnon's sparse keyboards and the blues-tinged guitar playing of Brendon Mason. When Still Point was released in 1973. It had a lot of competition from hugely successful overseas bands like; Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and Deep Purple. which would not have helped with the sales or promotion of the album.
Unfortunately, this album was a little bit too complicated and way-out for most Australian rock music listeners.
~ by Skids.

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