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Radiomöbel - Gudang Garam (Sweden 1978)

Radiomöbel - Gudang Garam (Sweden 1978)
Studio Album, released in 1978

Formed: 1973, Lund, Sweden
Disbanded: 1994 //

* Andrus Kangro (guitar),
* Carin Bohlin (vocals),
* Göran Andersson (bass),
* Mikael Skoog (drums),
* Richard Moberg (keyboards).

01. Gudang Garam – Höstsång (3.43)
02. Fasa (0.41)
03. E-Matt (15.51)
04. Vaggvisa(1.22)
05. Kylle (6.57)
06. Flugornas Morgon (7.10)
07. Finalen (8.24)

First released as a private press in 1978, this is a classic slice of Swedish, keyboard driven prog with a very DIY production. Almost symphonic in its execution and performance, and with great swathes of classic synth and guitar work, the overall sound is reminiscent of bands like Camel, or Van Der Graaf Generator in their more contemplative moments. An excellent hidden slice of undiscovered prog taking the musical journey to it’s highlight in the 15 minute "E-Matt ".This is their 2nd LP.
~ by mutantsounds.

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