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V.A. - Echoes In Time 1 & 2 (1965-1972)

V.A. - Echoes in Time - Volume 1 & 2 (1965-1972) [Solar Records #23]
(us garage, rhythm & blues and psychedelic rare collection)

Human Expression, West Coast Brunch, United Travel Service, The Deep, The Kunks, Fapardokly, Unfolding, Mother Tucker's Yellow Duck, The Raves, Jerry And The Others, Ferguson Tractor, Lemon Pipers, Blue Scepter, The Outcasts, Nova Local, The Iguanas, King Beezz, The Avengers, British North American Act, Mijal And White, Crystal Rain, Fruit Of The Loom, The Frederic, The Soulbenders, SRC.

01. Human Expression - Optical Sound 02:24
02. West Coast Brunch - Spoonful 02:42
03. United Travel Service - Wind And Stone 03:17
04. The Deep - Trip #76 02:33
05. The Kunks - The Journey 02:13
06. Fapardokly - Gone To Pot/No Retreat 04:03
07. Unfolding - Play Your Game 02:50
08. Mother Tucker's Yellow Duck - Somebody Think 03:43
09. The Raves - Mother Nature 02:21
10. Jerry And The Others - Don't Cry To Me 02:52
11. Ferguson Tractor - 12 O'Clock High 02:48
12. Lemon Pipers - Quiet Please 02:25
13. Blue Scepter - Gypsy Eyes 04:51
14. The Outcasts - Set Me Free 02:52
15. Nova Local - Games 02:06
16. The Iguanas - Mona 02:41
17. King Beezz - Gloria 02:49
18. The Avengers - Reflection 02:48
19. British North American Act - Don't Run Away 02:36
20. Mijal And White - I've Been You 03:52
21. Crystal Rain - You And Me 03:14
22. Fruit Of The Loom - One Hand 02:27
23. The Frederic - Five O' Clock 02:13
24. The Soulbenders - Hey Joe 03:30
25. SRC - Badazz Shuffle 03:14

The musical creative excellence wich infused Rock 'n' Roll dusring the mid to late sixties is difficult to describe retrospectively, it was an atmosphere of energy and sensation wich one had to experience rather than interpret.In 1965 during the aftermath of the original British Invasion, a seemingly endless tide of inspired musicians were determined to explore the colorfully changing musical scene, wich beckoned from smoke hazed taverns in the night, the birth of an era was envolving in clubs and garages from Beacon Hill to Berkeley.Hence, in the short span of years to follow, the realization of psychedelia and punk had weaved an intricate pattern in the music world.Many of the populars bands had gathered their beginnings from palying the local high school dances and Battle-of-the band competitions and had successfully documanted their efforts on well received albums.However, thousands af small and obsure bands were not as fortunate as others and therefore made contributions via private labels as 45s, in hope of receiving airplay on local FM radio stations.Prior to megabuck commercialism, many locally produced singles had a change to be aired, as opposed to today's sad and pedantic formats.Thus. thousands of locally released singles from the sea of rare EP's and singles sought by today's sixties punk connoisseurs.This release captures a few of the finer rarities of that era
~ Review by Solar Records (CD boolket).
~ Posted by OldrockerBR.

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