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Ratchell - Ratchell (us 1971)

Ratchell - Ratchell (us 1971 decca dl-75330)
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* Larry Byrom: Organ, Guitar, Mandolin, Piano, Trumpet, Vocals
* Chris Couchois: Percussion, Conga, Drums, Vocals, Organ
* Pat Couchois: Organ, Guitar, Piano, Vocals,
* Howard Messer: Bass, Piano, Trumpet, Vocals.

01. Problems
02. Lazy Lady
03. Here On My Face
04. And If I Will
05. Julie My Woman
06. Warm And Tender Love
07. Home
08. My My
09. Out Of Hand
10. How Many Times
11. Saycus (Instr.)
12. Peace Of Mind

Ratchell was an American rock band formed by former Steppenwolf guitarist Larry Byrom. Also in the band were bassist Howard Messer, guitarist Pat Couchois, and drummer Chris Couchois, who had previously performed with Byrom in T.I.M.E. The band released two albums for Decca Records: Ratchell in 1971 and Ratchell II in 1972. After the band's dissolution, Messer and the Couchois brothers went on to release an album on Warner Bros. Records in 1979 under the Couchois banner, while Byrom went on to work as a songwriter and session musician.Since 2008, the Couchois brother's official official band website is
~ by Wikipedia: Ratchell
Artist: Larry Byrom
Born: December 27, 1948, United States
Active: '60s, '70s, '80s, '90s, 2000s
Genres: Rock Instrument: Guitar (Acoustic)

Guitarist and songwriter Larry Byrom has performed on over a 100 albums in genres ranging from rock to country to somewhere comfortable in between. Byrom was born in 1948 in Huntsville, AL, but spent a lot of his childhood in South Bend, IN. He dropped out of high school to try out his dream of reaching rock stardom. When it didn't work out as he planned, he made a detour and found success on his own terms.
In the mid-'60s, Byrom joined a band called the Precious Few. He went right to professional status, performing on Dick Clark's Caravan of Stars. Byrom's next step was to head out to California where he joined the group Hard Times, appearing on the television show Where the Action Is. The Hard Times group called it quits before long. Byrom, undaunted, got together with Nick St. Nicholas and formed another band, T.I.M.E., which unabbreviated is Trust in Men Everywhere.
Before 1970, T.I.M.E. had transformed into a new rock band, Steppenwolf. Byrom recorded a number of hit songs with the group, including some he penned himself, like "Hey Lawdy Mama." In 1972, he left Steppenwolf to start another band, Ratchell. When it had little success, he went back home to Alabama to think about his career and where he wanted it to go. Where it went was to country music and into the studio.
By 1980, Byrom was living in Nashville, TN. He soon began working steadily as a session guitarist for superstar country artists like Barbara Mandrell, Eddie Rabbit, Reba McEntire, Dolly Parton, and Kenny Rogers. Byrom's skills with slide, acoustic, and electric guitar, as well as his songwriting, kept him in constant demand. Over the years he added more recordings to his list of credits, working with well-known country singers such as Lorrie Morgan, Brooks & Dunn, Tanya Tucker, Randy Travis, Clint Black, and many others.
~ by Charlotte Dillon, All Music Guide.

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Anonymous said...

rocking! i feel bad that i discovered ratchell the way that most other people on the internet have: the album cover for ratchell II, featured on just about every "bad album art" website there is. but man, they're good anyways.

Anonymous said...

wow, thanks man!!

my dad was raving about this album, and he's been tryin to find it EVERYWHERE. well, everywhere except the internet ;-) so glad I can surprise him with a digital version of a great album that he grew up listening to.

thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Ratchell was a band well ahead of it's time. Tonight (8/27) they get back together and perform in hometown Huntsville Alabama at the Elks lodge something that many of us look forward to. This band was loaded with talent but like many, didnt get the break after two Lp's failed to produce a big hit. The talent in this band is/was simply amazing.