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V.A. - Soft Sounds For Gentle People [Sounds Of She]

V.A. - Soft Sounds for Gentle People Presents: Sounds of She (Pet Records 007).

- Issued in 2008.
- 23 tracks of gentle singer-songwriter, pop psych, pop folk female beauties;
- Mainly from the mid-late 60s.

01. The Ravelles - ’Psychedelic Movement’
02. Amanda Ambrose - ’Green Plant’
03. The Enchanted Forest - ’The Word is Love’
04. The Aquarians - ’The Aquarians’
05. Guardians of the Rainbow - ’What Do You Do When You’ve Lost Your Love’
06. Lynn Castle with Last Friday’s Fire - ’The Lady Barber’
07. Bunches A Good - ’See the Farmer’
08. Jonna Gault and Her Symphopop Scene - ’Wonder Why I Guess’
09. Morningstarr - ’If I Didn’t Want to See You Anymore’
10. Sunnygoode Street - ’Just Another Dream’
11. The Keefe Sisters - ’Love Knows’
12. The Pipe Dream - ’In the Middle of the Night’
13. The Sugar Townes - ’Billy Sunshine’
14. Estelle Levitt - ’All I Dream’
15. London Phogg - ’The Times to Come’
16. Barbara Keith - ’Fisherman King’
17. The Carolyn Hester Coalition - ’Rise Like Phoenix’
18. Teina - ’Too Soon’
19. Sally Eaton - ’Flowers in the Air’
20. Ellen Margulies - ’Meditation 1968’
21. Marcia Strassman - ’Self-Analysis’
22. Kathy Gregory - ’A New Beginning’
23. Kathy McCord - ’Rainbow Ride’

Twenty-three tracks of female vocal fronted studio pop psych from the Aquarian age! As taken from the booklet text: Remember Mystic Males? Well they didn’t get to that mountaintop on their own. Their soul searchin’ spelunks and mystical quests found their yang in subjects their gals were into, mainly peace, love, and plants. So here are the better halves. Fair maids with visions of harmony and pipes like magic flutes; all from the Aquarian Age. All fully committed to IT. And whether it’s Hollywood folk rock strip-mined from the nearby canyons or Scarsdale theater pop gone groovy, it’ll all set the scene. Your scene. Hear the sounds. Her sounds. The sounds of She.
~ Internet Source.
A gal-themed set from the great Soft Sounds series -- one that features some incredibly groovy work from the late 60s -- a hip mix of Sunshine Pop, psyche rock, and more! The female vocals really tie the tunes together nicely -- especially as a number of singers seem to share similar modes when approaching their music -- echoes of earlier folk, touches of vocal jazz, and occasional sweet sounds that really flesh things out nicely. Most of the backings are groovy enough to almost be funk at points -- especially when percussion kicks up, or basslines really get going -- and there's also some freakishly fuzzy moments that really stand out too! As with other volumes, there's some great track-by-track notes on the tunes -- and titles include "Psychedelic Movement" by The Ravelles, "Green Plant" by Amanda Ambrose, "The Aquarians" by The Aquarians, "If I Didn't Want To See You Anymore" by Morningstarr, "See The Farmer" by Bunches A Good, "The Lady Barber" by Lynn Castle, "What Do You Do When You've Lost Your Love" by Guardians Of The Rainbow, "Flowers In The Air" by Sally Eaton, "Billy Sunshine" by Sugar Townes, "All I Dream" by Estelle Levitt, "In The Middle Of The Night" by The Pipe Dream, and "Meditation 1968" by Ellen Margulies.
~ by: Dusty Groove America, Inc © 1996-2010.

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