Friday, January 8, 2010

V.A. - Soft Sounds For Gentle People Vol.2

V.A. - Soft Sounds for Gentle People 2

01. New Hobbits - I Could Hear the Grass Growing
02. Collage - My Mind's At Ease
03. Queen Anne's Lace - The Happiest Day of My Life
04. Spike Drivers - Drink Up the Wine
05. Smokey & His Sister - In a Dream of Silent Seas
06. Pleasure Fair - Nursery Rhyme
07. Garden Club - Little Girl Lost and Found
08. 3's a Crowd - Coat of Colors
09. Family - San Francisco Waits
10. Holy Mackerel - Wildflowers
11. Thorinshield - Lonely Mountain Again
12. Earth Island - Seasons of Our Lives
13. Stone Country - Time Isn't There (Anymore)
14. Gates of Eden - No One Was There
15. Lewis & Clark Expedition - Why Must They Pretend?
16. Moorpark Intersection - Yesterday Holds On
17. Wichita Fall - Ornamental Sideshow
18. Sounds of Modification - Carry On Carole
19. Garden of Eden - Flower Man
20. Sounds of Sunshine - Linda the Untouchable
21. Growing Society - Just for Fun

The second volume of the Soft Sounds for Gentle People series digs up another fantastic batch of groovy sunshine pop obscurities from the heyday of the West Coast scene, possibly even surpassing its predecessor for sheer quality and consistency -- it's amazing how much of this stuff the major labels were putting out, how much of it is truly great, and how much of it has for so long remained relegated to the dustbin of history. Like last time, there's a strong psychedelic dimension to these songs, and nothing would seem glaringly out of place on a Nuggets compilation, but the radiant harmonies and lush orchestral arrangements wonderfully capture a more peaceful, even earnest side of late-'60s flower-power pop -- nothing here sounds horribly dated, either, especially standouts like the Collage's "My Mind's at Ease," the Pleasure Fair's "Nursery Rhyme," the Garden Club's "Little Girl Lost and Found," and the Family's "San Francisco Waits." The legitimacy of this disc is a question and some of the material sounds mastered directly from the original vinyl, but the sequencing and liner notes are excellent and it's hard not to wish official releases were handled with so much obvious care and affection.
~ Jason Ankeny, All Music Guide.

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