Sunday, January 10, 2010

V.A. - Soft Sounds for Gentle People 4
01. Cosmic Brotherhood - Sunshine World
02. Luv Birds - Little Faces
03. Precious Few - The Carnival
04. 1st Century - Dancing Girl
05. Split Level - Looking at the Rose
06. Factory - No Place I'd Rather Be
07. Central Park - Flower Hill
08. Phoenix Trolley - Too Many Trees
09. 1st National Band - When Once It Was Good
10. Geordie - The Rooney Brothers
11. Smithsonian Institute - Boston Bay
12. Mark Erickson - Hey In the Water
13. Laughing Wind - Don't Take Very Much
14. Thousand Faces - A Thousand Faces
15. Lemonade Charade - Yellow Brick Road
16. Lux - When I'm Gone
17. Chuck Barris Syndicate - Donnie
18. Jennifer's Friends - Visions
19. Public Company - Hearts and Flowers
20. Fragile Lime - Day in the Sun
21. Fourth Dimension - Land of Make Believe
22. Fountain of Youth - Sunshine on a Cold Morning
23. Incredible Fog - When the Sun's Gone Down

4th volume of this incredibly researched gray area reissue series, focusing on soft-psych, etc. twenty-three tracks from California and beyond, 1966-1971. As per this label's standard: exceptional attention to detail, with lengthy background notes that piece it all together. Most tracks from obcure non-comped 7" releases, closing in on 40 years ago!
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The sounds are soft, the people are gentle, and the music is as groovy as groovy can be! The CD is the fab fourth entry in one of our favorite series of all time -- and like the rest, it's a tremendous collection of lost pop treasures from the end of the 60s -- all in a magical space between folkies, hippies, and the mainstream -- served up with the best aspects of all three! The style here is totally great -- and offers up a nice contrast to some of the better-known pop of the late 60s -- not in a way that's more experimental or challenging, but just in a way that's even more unboundedly creative! Tracks are extremely well-chosen, with notes on every single number -- and titles include "Geordie" by The Rooney Brothers, "Sunshine World" by The Cosmic Brotherhood, "Little Faces" by The Luv Birds, "Dancing Girl" by The 1st Century, "When I'm Gone" by Lux, "Donnie" by Chuck Barris Syndicate, "Day In The Sun" by The Fragile Lime, "Land Of Make Believe" by The Fourth Dimension, "When The Sun's Gone Down" by Incredible Fog, "Boston Bay" by Smithsonian Institute, and "When Once It Was Good" by First National Band.
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