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Dream - Get Dreamy (Norway 1967)

Dream - Get Dreamy (1967, Norwegian Psychedelia)

Formed: 1967, Norway
Disbanded: 1969 //

Tom Karlsen (percussion),
Christian Reim (piano, organ, vocals),
Hans Marius Stormoen (bass),
Terje Rypdal (guitar, vocals)

Related Artists: The Vanguards
Genres: Psychedelic Rock

"Get Dreamy" by The Dream (recorded in Stockholm, mid-1967) - produced by Svein Erik Borja
01. Green Things (From Outer Space) - 3:16
02. Emptiness Gone - 2:27
03. Ain`t no Use - 8:22
04. Driftin - 3:04
05. I`m Counting on You - 3:06
06. Night of the Lonely Organist and His Mysterious Pals - 5:46
07. You - 2:22
08. You`re Right About Me - 2:44
09. Hey Jimmi - 2:58
10. Do You Dream - 2:08

Norwegian psych from '67 featuring legendary guitarist Terje Rypdal. The band sing in English and the sound is very UK late '60s with freaked out guitar solos and hammond. A bit like Cream meets Hendrix meets Procol Harum.
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Fantastic album from this Norwegian band who apparently split up because they could not agreeon their musical direction. It's a shame as this shows what a cool bunch they were, mixing Soul, Jazz, Blues and the slight influence of english psych into the mix, creating a real twisted album with great guitar and screaming hammond in places.
~ by Oak Acetator.

Other than oftentimes laughable lyrics (typical of the time) and cheesy instrumentation, this is a collection of quite well-crafted baroque pop and blue-eyed soul and psychedelic Hendrix-inspired tunes. The only real annoyance here is the poor vocals, which are so bad that they almost ruin these tunes. But they don't. The first two tunes ("Green Things from Outer Space" and "Emptiness Gone") are very well-crafted pop tunes with smooth harmonies and some interesting intervallic Wes-type playing by Terje on "Emptiness Gone". Other good pop tunes are "Driftin" (same feeling and sound as the Rascals' "Groovin", with Terje on vocals), "I'm Counting on You" (a soul pop tune with a few early signature Terje guitar licks), "You" (slow-tempo pop ballad with some 'groovy' organ), and "You're Right About Me" (a GREAT country pop upbeat tune with some clean rockabilly pickin' by Terje, and a great 'a-ha-ha-ha' chorus! plus a few great Terje solos that sound the most like the Terje we all know of any solos on this album). Then there are the extremely Hendrix-alike tunes: "Ain't No Use" (very psychedelic with Terje doing his best Hendrix vocals and Hendrix guitar jam - the whole psych shebang - backwards tape, druggy talking vocals, impressive if very derivitive guitar playing, and wide array of psych effects); "Hey Jimi" (obviously a play on Hendrix's "Hey Joe"); and "Do You Dream" (the ending track with laughable mix-bag of psych effects and the whole "Are You Experienced?" thing - obviously a take on that very tune). In between all the pop, soul, psych, etc., there is a pretty cool instrumental track entitled "Night of the Lonely Organist and His Mysterious Pals" which contains some really nice organ playing - a very upbeat jam with an unspectacular guitar solo - great organ but really cheesy "space-sounds" intro and exit.
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