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Huckle - Wild Blue Yonder (Canada 1976)

Huckle - Wild Blue Yonder (Canadian Hippie Folk 1976)

01. Wild Blue Yonder
02. Rolling River
03. I Surrender
04. Flower To The Sun
05. She's Coming Home
06. Beautiful You Are
07. High For Sky
08. Gather The Children
09. Wild Night

*Huckle - guitar, mandolin, voice
*Paul Gellman - piano, fiddle,guitar
*Wendi Sinclair - voice
*Tommy Agostino: bass, vocals
*Bob Walshaw - drums
*Straw - wooden stick drums
*Sky - guitar(on flowers to the sun)

Sky aka Sky Sulamyth also put out an album called "Full Moon Light" around '78 thats pretty trippy.
There is also another Huckle album called "Upon A Once Time" quite a bit rarer & harder to find.
Huckle and friends were regulars around Western Canada in the 70's playing festivals and folk gatherings, not to sure where most of them are now........
~ by vinyjunkie!

Canadian Hippie Folk from 1976. Excellent music for the road, this rare and hard to find album is a perfect example of folk and rock made by a bunch of hippies in the seventies. The words are of love and tolerance, and free life and travelling, while the music suites the words well and transcends all of their messages flawlessly. Acoustic guitar and haunting fiddle, tablas and vocal harmonies of great and natural honesty of happiness from both the male and the female parts, it is one of the best albums I have heard in quite a while and it holds a strong place in my music collection. A must have classic!
~ by bilbo1742 (RYM).

Mid-70's canadian release of pastoral Hippie-Folk a early Perth County Conspiracy d.n.e. way of delvin' for organic/ cosmic sceneries; recorded at various places in Canada, one song recorded in Guatemala, "flower to the sun" was taped at the Courtenay Faire w/Medicine Wheel and a cast of hundreds! full-band sound w/subtle acoustic/ electric tapestries; a 100% privat-press job ("independently produced in Canada")
~ Internet Source.

Download Link:
Filename: Huckle - Wild Blue Yonder (Can 1976 Hippie Folk).rar Size: 48.96 MB


Anonymous said...

I think this is superb. The 'amateur' recording [vocals a little in the background at times etc.] add to the charm, but excellent harmonies and great acoustic guitar. I mean this is really good; one of the best shares I've had the pleasure to listen to in a long time, and out of way too many! Thank you. MF


I don't know it !!! Thanks in advance for this !!! MASTERPIECE

Anonymous said...

Hi, do you have their album, 'upon a once time'?


alfaios said...

I don't have their album, 'upon a once time'!
If anybody else have it, please let us know...

huckle said...

here's where! surf to

The Basement Rug said...

I have a copy of Once Upon a Time, but have never got around to ripping it to CD/MP3. I new it was rare, but I didn't realize it was known/collectable. I won't be posting it at The Basement Rug, as downloads are available from the artist at

huckle said...

Huckle downloads are now available from the artist himself
Upon a Twice Time is a best of collection from his two vinyl albums Upon a Once Time and Wild Blue Yonder. The tracks have been remastered for digital media from the original analog tapes. A new video for Minstrel Song is at

Anonymous said...

its rare that a hyped up lost classic is better than expected. i love "flower to the sun" -- hiipie folkrock rules.

huckle said...

the remastered tracks are now available on itunes as well.

huckle said...

Wild Blue Yonder has now been released on CD and is available here: