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Flat Earth Society - Waleeco (us 1968)

The Flat Earth Society - Waleeco (us 1968 Fleetwood Lp)

Formed: Boston, (Lynn, MA), United States

Jack Kerivan (piano, organ, vocals),
Phil Dubuque (rhythm guitar, recorder, lead vocals),
Rick Doyle (lead guitar, tambourine, vocals),
Curt Girard (drums),
Paul Carter (bass, vocals)

01. Feelin' Much Better
02. Midnight Hour
03. I'm So Happy
04. When You're There
05. Four & Twenty Miles
06. Prelude for the Town Monk
07. Shadows
08. Dark Street Downtown
09. Portrait in Grey
10. In My Window
11. Satori

*"Waleeco" 1968 (Fleetwood 3027)
*"Waleeco" 1983 (Psycho 17, UK)
*"Waleeco / Space Kids" 1993 (CD Arf Arf 042) [2-on-1]

From Lynn, just North of Boston, Flat Earth Society were notable for their crispy, clear vocal sound. In early 1968 they were approached by the Boston advertising firm Quinn and Johnson to make an album and a jingle for the manufacturer of the 'Waleeco' candy bar - the F. B. Washburn Candy Company. That year every 'Waleeco' bar carried a coupon advertising the Flat Earth's Society's album Waleeco for $1.50 and six 'Waleeco' bar wrappers.Recorded at Fleetwood Recording Studio in Revere, most of the material was written by Kerivan, the only non-original being a slow melodic version of Midnight Hour. The album covers quite a wide rock spectrum with goodtime (I'm So Happy), folk (When You're There and The Prelude For Town Monk), hard rock (Four & Twenty Miles and Shadows), as well as psychedelia, but each track has the band's own style about it. Aside from Feelin' Much Better, the best tracks are arguably on the second side of the album. Dark Street Downtown has some haunting vocals superimposed upon swirling piano. Portrait In Grey is a haunting piano-oriented instrumental and Satori, a very strange psychedelic instrumental. The band made a few appearances after making the album but broke up soon after.
~ (Internet Source)
Recorded at Boston's Fleetwood studios 1968's Waleeco was simply great - one of those few albums that lives up to the hype surrounding it. Featuring largely original material (Kervian and Dubuque were responsible for most of the 11 tracks) the band displayed far more professionalism and versatility than one would have expected from a relatively new outfit. While the majority of the set reflected a distinctive psychedelic orientation elsewhere the quintet showed off decent folk-rock moves (When You Were There) as well as a knack for conventional rock (Four & Twenty Miles and Shadows). Still the set's big charm lay in the band's psychedelic leanings.
~ (Internet Source)

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