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Faine Jade - Introspection: A Faine Jade Recital (us 1968)

Faine Jade - Introspection: A Faine Jade Recital (us 1968)

Born: Long Island, NY, United States
Currently: Windham, NY, United States
Member of: The Rustics, Dust Bowl Clementine
Related Artists: Bohemian Vendetta
Also Known As: Chuck Laskowski

01. Tune Up (0:23)
02. Doctor Paul Overture (2:43)
03. People Games Play (4:13)
04. Cold Winter Sun Symphony In D Major (3:38)
05. I Lived Tomorrow Yesterday (2:34)
06. Ballad Of The Bad Guys (1956 a.d.) (4:27)
07. Piano Interlude (1:38)
08. Introspection (3:38)
09. A Brand New Groove (3:10)
10. On The Inside There's A Middle (5:39)
11. Don't Hassle Me (2:47)
12. Grand Finale (5:33)
13. Stand Together In The End (4:27)

Long Island guitarist Faine Jade began performing and recording as a member of the Rustics in the mid-'60s, with basic, energetic, angst-ridden material that differed little from literally thousands of other like-minded garage bands across the country. After a single with the Rustics in 1966, Jade recorded a 45 under his own name in 1967, "It Ain't True," which was rescued from obscurity on the Pebbles, Vol. 8 compilation. His solo LP on the tiny R.S.V.P. label in 1968, Introspection: A Faine Jade Recital, showed a quantum leap in songwriting with reflective, enigmatic lyrics and a swirling but disciplined melodicism. It has ranked among the most coveted collectibles of the psychedelic era, and resurfaced as an unauthorized reissue on a British label in the early '80s. After recording an album as a member of the country-rock band Dustbowl Clementine in 1970, Jade has been mostly inactive.
~ Richie Unterberger, All Music Guide .

It's hard to imagine that a 20-year-old New York guitarist fresh out of garageland would have been infatuated with Syd Barrett in 1968. However, Faine Jade's 1968 album sounds as if he was besotted with Pink Floyd's first LP, which was barely known in the States at the time. Jade's vocals and songwriting uncannily evoke an American Syd Barrett with their evocative, cryptic lyrics, thick organs, and psychedelic guitar lines. "Cold Winter Sun" in particular, never fails to inspire comparisons to Barrett when played for those unfamiliar with Jade. Jade, it's fair to say, is somewhat blunted in comparison to Barrett's madcap edge. More laid-back and grounded, he also deals more explicitly with hippie-era concerns like getting hassled for being different and the necessity of being compassionate toward your brother, without being sappy or preachy.
~ Richie Unterberger & Tim Sendra, All Music Guide.

The brilliant psychedelic rock 'n' roll of Faine Jade passed through the orange-colored skies of 1968 like a pink and lavender comet, then was gone... Fortunately Jade left behind a wondrous album to detail his amazing, one-way voyage through the night skies. Introspection: A Faine Jade Recital details every deliciously enigmatic, Syd Barrett-inspired twist and turn of the short but sweet career of this mysterious artist. Since the hideously rare original LP now requires a mortgage from your bank, Sundazed, with the full cooperation of the artist, presents the perfect Faine Jade package, taken from the absolute master tapes with rare photos and liner notes based on a recent interview with Faine Jade, himself.
~ by Sundazed Records.

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