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Krayon Angels - Nineteen Sixtynine (uk 1969)

Krayon Angels - Nineteen Sixtynine (us 1969, Fuzz Psych!)
(Dig The Fuzz - DIG041 LP)

Recorded at:
Radio Luxemburg Recording Studios London
early 1969

01. What Are You Doing (In The Rain)
02. For The Rest Of Out Lives
03. Natural Man
04. Please Tell Me Why
05. Clock Without A Face
06. How Do Ya Like It
07. Hearts In The Junction (Of Smoke)
08. Step Around It
09. Try Another Motor
10. 'Til The New Light Shines

This 5 piece group featured members of Killing Floor and Crushed Butler, and was led by USA singer Jeff Pasternak who gave them a West-coast flavour. Recorded in 1969 and produced by legendary 60's Radio Luxembourg disc jockey Emperor Rosko. The LP contains all the ever recorded, all unreleased so far.
~ by Psychodelicje
excellent and previously unreleased album by a UK 1968 Psych band who only lasted enough time to record this set of demo's . A great power-pop psych sound permeates the whole album capturing the '60's London groove and at times there are flashes of the Small Faces, Pretty Things, Blossom Toes etc. It's quite a surprise to find a whole album of this quality that has never been heard before!
~ by
Crushed Butler – An Interview with Darryl Read:
by Steve Krakow.
-How long was your earlier band the Krayon Angels around? How old were you then? Did you gig out?
-The Krayon Angels existed for around 8 months --- from beginning to end. I was 17, and we played the Marque Club/The Revolution/and a two week stint at a disco club in Bristol. We also recorded a demo album ---- to be released years later in 1998 by Dig The Fuzz records UK. I also formed the whole group for Emperor Rosko, who put me together with his brother Jeff --- who was the singer. The line up consisted of Lou Martin (Killing Floor)/ Stuart (Mac) McDonald (Killing Floor)/ Chris Gibbons/ Jeff Pasternak and yours Truly...

You can find the whole Interview here:

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