Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Elizabeth - Elizabeth (us 1968 psych)

Elizabeth - Elizabeth (us 1968 psych)

Formed: 1968, Philadelphia, PA, United States

* Steve Weingart (lead guitar, harp, organ, vocals),
* Bob Patterson (guitar, vocals),
* Jim Dahme (guitar, flute, vocals),
* Steve Bruno (organ, bass),
* Hank Ransome (drums).

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01. Not That Kind Of Guy
02. Mary Anne
03. Dissimilitude
04. Similitude
05. You Should Be More Careful
06. The World's For Free
07. Fields Of Home
08. Alarm Rings Five
09. Lady L
10. When All Else Fails

The band originally came from Philadelphia but moved to New York in 1968, where they recorded and released their self-titled album on Vanguard Records in 1969. The album was released with a wonderful psychedelic-styled collage sleeve that gave the record buyer an impression that the band was a baroque-styled act, yet in actuality it is fairly standard late-'60s rock. The highlights of the album are the fuzz guitar-laden track "You Should Be More Careful," the haunting soft psych of the song "Alarm Rings Five," and the final and best track on the album, "When All Else Fails." The album is rounded out by a few less than interesting good-time-styled rock tracks and has a slight jazz feel in places.
~ Keith Pettipas, All Music Guide

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the purpleone. said...

thanks so much for this album, never thought i'd hear this one,been looking for some time , as i have a copy of Good God and always wondered what Elizabeth sounded like. superb site with great writeups. cheers from oz.

music said...

do you have any of bob pattersons solo albums?

alfaios said...

Sorry I don't have any...

Anonymous said...

My dad was steve weingarten, great to find this write up about his old band. great music :)

Jonny Frais said...

Well, we must be related. I remember Stevie coming to stay with us in Newcastle, England around 1970, and bringing this album for us. Say hi from the Frais Family.

alfaios said...

NEW link posted. Enjoy!