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East Of Eden - East Of Eden (uk 1971)

East of Eden - East of Eden (uk 1971, countryfolk rock)

Formed: 1967, Bristol, United Kingdom

* Dave Arbus (electric violin, flute, saxophone, trumpet),
* Ron Caines (alto sax), * Geoff Nicholson (guitar, vocals),
* Steve York (bass guitar),
* Dave Dufont (percussion),
* Jeff Allen (drums),
* Geoff Britton (drums),
* Joe O'Donnell (violin),
* Jim Roche (guitar),
* David Jack (bass).

Track Listings:
01. Wonderful Feeling (6:11)
02. Goodbye (5:48)
03. Crazy Daisy (6:54)
04. Here Comes The Day (4:33)
05. Take What You Need (5:03)
06. No Time (6:03)
07. To Mrs. V (5:18)
Total Time: 39:50

Line-up/Musicians on this album:
- Jeff Allen / drums, percussion
- Dave Arbus / violin, saxophone, flute
- David Jack / vocals, bass, guitar
- Jim Roche / guitar
The progressive rock band East of Eden's self-titeled album was released in 1971 on Harvest (SHVL 792). By the time this third album came out, little was left of the original spirit of East Of Eden and only violinist Dave Arbus of the original line-up. They had changed from one progressive label Deram to another Harvest, but also lost their experimental edge in the process. Still, the album has many charms and holds some interest for progheads. Cover design and photos by Hipgnosis.
Formed in 1967, this versatile Bristol, England-based outfit's best known line-up comprised Dave Arbus (violin, saxophone, flute, trumpet), Ron Caines (alto saxophone), Geoff Nicholson (lead guitar), Andy Sneddon (bass) and Geoff Britton (drums, percussion).
Their debut, Mercator Projected, offered an imaginative brew of progressive rock, jazz and neo-eastern predilections, but this robust, avant garde direction contrasted with the novelty tag placed on the band in the wake of their surprise hit single, "Jig A Jig". This lightweight, fiddle-based instrumental reached number 7 in the UK in April 1971, and in the process confused prospective audiences. East Of Eden was plagued by personnel problems and by 1972 had shed every original member. Joe O'Donnell (violin), Martin Fisher (bass) and Jeff Allen (drums, ex-Beatstalkers) then maintained the band's name in Europe before their demise later in the decade. Meanwhile, Arbus gained further acclaim for his contributions to the Who's Who's Next while Britton later joined Wings. Arbus, Caines and Nicholson reunited in 1999 to record Kalipse and have since pursued a more avant garde direction.

- Mercator Projected - 1969 (Deram)
- Snafu - 1970 (Deram)
- East Of Eden - 1971 (Harvest)
- New Leaf - 1971 (Harvest)
- Another Eden - 1975 (EMI)
- It's The Climate - 1976 (EMI)
- Silver Park - 1978 (EMI)
- Kalipse - 1999 (Castle)
- Armadillo - 2001 (HTD)

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