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One In A Million - Double Sight (uk 1967)

One in a Million - Double Sight (uk 1967 Very Rare Psychedelia)

The Complete Recordings (WHCD018)(First Released: 2008).

01. Double Sight
02. Fredereek Hernando
03. No Smokes
04. Man In Yellow
05. The Trial Of Elmer Fudd
06. Goin' Places
07. Something On Your Mind
08. We Don't Want Nobody Around
09. Lament In `A'
10. Hold On
11. Use Your Imagination

Featuring the precocious talents of 14-years-old guitarist Jimmy McCulloch, Scottish band One In A Million's genre-defining December 1967 single Fredereek Hernando/Double Sight is widely acknowledged as one of the rarest and best British psychedelic singles of the era. Naturally enough, that double-sided classic is included on this complete anthology of the group's recordings, which also includes both sides of their highly regarded mod pop debut single from January 1967 as well as no less than seven previously unreleased, unknown-to-exist, Who-influenced demo recordings from the same period. With a number of hitherto unpublished photographs, comprehensive liner notes and numerous quotes from lead singer and chief songwriter Alan Young, Double Sight is the final word on one of the most intriguing and obscure groups to emerge from the British psychedelic scene.
~ by: Shindig!
"One In A Million were a Scottish mod/blues band who turned psych sometime in 1967. They featured precocious guitarist Jimmy McCulloch (14 years old, looks nine in the photos) and released second single, the ambitious 'Fredereek Hernando', on MGM that December. Their famous rarity's B-side provides the title for Double Sight: The Complete Recordings (Wooden Hill), which gathers their January '67 single for CBS and a bunch of acetates, including the unreleased putative third 45, 'No Smokes'. Good punchy stuff with street-level edge. 'Double Sight' itself sounds like The Jam, 10 years earlier."
~ by: Mojo.
"Chocolate Soup For Diabetics was the greatest ever UK psych comp - splintering tunes, ultimate quality control, maximum danger - and only one band got both sides of their forgotten drugged genius 45 included on Volume One. One In A Million lived up to their name, in that they boasted the curious psych-out gimmick of a 14-year-old guitarist called Jimmy McCulloch, along with the extreme-fire attack of that 1967 MGM single, 'Double Sight'/'Fredereek Hernando'. If they could've kept it up, they'd have been bigger than The Who. They didn't. They imploded. "One real weird-out is a group called One In A Million", Julian Cope said of Chocolate Soup in 1983. "Both their featured songs are The Jam if they hadn't 'Souled-Out'. Gruff Weller voice, identical Foxton harmonies, how I wished they'd gone in this direction." There are plenty of other sparks among the other nine tracks - a crunchy mod strut in 'Goin' Places'; the Troggs-ish pounder 'Something On Your Mind', a snippet of Peel - but Little Jimmy and the lads must still be most proud of that one insurmountable 45."
~ by: Record Collector.
The complete recordings of this legendary Chocolate Soup band, whose December 1967 45 `Fredereek Hernando' b/w `Double Sight' sells for hundreds of pounds and is widely acknowledged as a classic UK psychedelic single. Includes seven previously unreleased Who-influenced demos from 1967 as well as both sides of their January 1967 mod pop gem `Use Your Imagination'. Lavishly illustrated and annotated booklet with unpublished photos, band quotes.
~ by: ChrisGoesRock.

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