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Hunt & Turner - Magic Landscape (uk 1972 folk)

Hunt & Turner - Magic Landscape (uk 1972)

* Ian Hunt - acoustic & electric lead guitars, bangos, vocals.
* John Turner - guitar, Electric bass, string bass, vocals.
* John Merritt - bass.
* Rod Matthews - percussion.

01. Hold Me Now
02. Silver Lady
03. We Say We're Sorry
04. Magic Landscape
05. Mr. Bojangles
06. Living Without You
07. Man of Rings
08. Older Now and Younger Then
09. Morning for Eve
10. Rockfield Rag.

UK folk rock duo similar to Magna Carta crossed with John Martyn and Wizz Jones with acoustic instrumentation and strong songs. A live studio recording with plenty of atmosphere. Fans of UK '70's acoustic folk with a singer songwriter edge will love this.
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Ian Hunt and John Turner first teamed-up in the late summer of 1970, the inevitable collaboration of two of the West Country’s most sought-after session musicians. String bassist and guitarist Turner had just left the infamous Pigsty Hill Light Orchestra and Hunt, a wizard guitarist and song-writer who was already a ‘big-name’ on the Bristol scene, was looking for a new vehicle for his talents. Both had been spawned by the legendary Bristol Troubadour Club, which Turner had run for several years, and within months the new duo was pickingup fans and followers around the UK and in Europe. Touring the folk-clubs and Universities of Britain with a heady mixture of rag-time, self-penned lovesongs and good-time, 70s acoustic ballads, Hunt and Turner became one of the most popular duos of their era … and this Village Thing album, Magic Landscape, originally released in 1972, went straight to Number six in the Melody Maker folk charts.
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