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Whalefeathers - Declare (us 1970)

Whalefeathers - Declare (us 1970)

Formed: Cincinnati, OH, United States

Related Artists: Wheels
Also Known As: Walefeathers

1(A) DECLARE (Nasco 9003) 1970
2(B) WHALEFEATHERS (Nasco 9005) 1971

(1) has had a limited pirate repressing.
(2) also issued in the U.K. on Blue Horizon (2431 009) 1971 and in Germany (Vogue 17257) 197?.
(2) reissued on CD.

1 Shaking All Over / Nearing The End (Nasco 006) 1970
2(C) It's A Hard Road/Two Feet From My Grave (Nasco 026) 1972

*Stephe Bacon (percussion, drums, vocals), A B C
*Ed Blackmon (keyboards, vocals), A B
*Michael Jones (guitar, vocals), A B
*Roger Sauer (bass, vocals), A
*Leonard LeBlanc (bass, vocals), B C
*Mike Wheeler (guitar, bass) C
NB: Details for line-up "C" incomplete.

01. Declare-Prelude 3:55
02. Lost Dimension 9:12
03. Know Thyself 2:51
04. Imagine 3:02
05. Omaha 5:55
06. Please Me for a While 5:15
07. Invention Sequence 3:56
08. Love Can't Be Wrong 3:40

From Cincinnati, Ohio, this outfit used to gig frequently with Westfauster and played a heavy, very keyboard-dominated blend of music. Their albums have distinct psychedelic influences and although both have their moments are sometimes a bit messy. Both albums are sought-after by collectors. Lenny LeBlanc went on to become a successful Christian music artist, whilst Mike Wheeler who played with the band in their last two years, went on to work with Grammy winning Nashville songwriter Mike Reid. Wheeler also led an act called Wheels, who recorded on Boardwalk, with an album produced by Craig Fuller, and who toured with Little Feat in '78. He's also worked more recently with Paul Barrere. Know Thyself has also appeared on Sixties Archive Vol. 8 (CD).
~ by: (Vernon Joynson/Max Waller/Clark Faville)

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