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The Spiders - Back (Mexico 1970 psychedelia)

The Spiders - Back (Mexico 1970 psychedelia)

Formed: 1961, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

Also Known As: Los Spiders

*Antonio Vierling Hernandez (vocals, guitar)
*Manuel Olivera (bass, percusions)
*Reynaldo Diaz Velez (guitar, harmonica, flute)
*Servando Ayala (keyboards, piano, hammond)
*Guillermo Olivera (drums, 1964-68, 1975-?)
*Enrique Chaurand (drums, percussion, 1968-75)

01. Thought (a song) (Olivera/Vierling)
02. Something I heard (last night) (Diaz Velez)
03. People deceive (Vierling/Ayala)
04. On the road (Vierling)
05. Now (Vierling)
06. It's you (Vierling/Ayala)
07. Back (Vierling)
08. You love me (Vierling)
09. I/m a man (Vierling)
10. Movin' up (Ayala/Vierling)
11. Love is the way (Olivera)
12. Thought (prayer) (Olivera/Vierling)

A Mexican psychedelic band whose album is full of dreamy organs, West Coast sounding guitar leads and fuzzed out backwards guitar work. It's crystal clear English vocals blend beautifully with the weaving keyboards and vibrato guitar style. The better tracks include Love Is The Way, which features some good woodwind and percussion playing; the slow-paced title cut with its church organ sound; People Deceive, with its great dreamy organ intro, Procol Harum-style organ sound and Now and Something I Heard (Last Night), which are both notable for catchy organ and melodic vocals. Recommended.
~ (FUZZ ACID & FLOWERS By Vernon Joynson)

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Alvaro Bravo said...

I'm from Guadalajara and I've been looking for this album for years, even when they are a local band its really hard to find their music, thank you so much.