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Feo - Eg Meini Ted (Denmark 1971, Spectator Records)

Feo - Eg Meini Ted (Denmark 1971, accoustic psych folk-rock hippyfolk)

Formed: 1970, Denmark.

Line up / Members:
*Flemming Nørgaard(bass),
*Rudi Albertsen (vocals),
*Sune Durhuus (guitar),
*Thorkild Blond Andersen (flute),
*Mikkel Bayer (violin).

LP's / Recordings:
-01. Eg Meini Ted, Spectator Records sl 1033, 1971.
-02. Filtskolyd, Lucifer 5/004, 1974.
-03. Bedste og andre madrester, cbs 98009, 1975.(Compilation).

Side A:
01. Eg Meini Ted
02. Bjergfyr
03. April
04. Maj
05. Juni
06. Rundgang
07. Drømmen
Side B:
08. Bedstemor
09. Os
10. Mosen
11. Sisdyrdans
12. Undren
13. Eg meini ted II

Feo was an acoustic band formed in an institution for blind people: all members are blind or visually impaired. They play a kind of progressive folk music, though never anything which comes close to traditional tunes. Clearly the flute of Andersen is the leading instrument, but all members play their parts well and the arranging skills of the band are considerable. Their material, all self-composed, is quite diverse, the singing excellent and overall this is an interesting record with an atmosphere of its own. For a Spectator release this is surprisingly focused, at times maybe vaguely similar to British folkies Forest, though of course without the all-pervading mystic feeling of that band. It's a fine example of how people with very limited means can achieve music that still stands after almost 30 years. A highlight is the experimentation on "Rundgang", where again much is accomplished with only minimum effort. A gentle, peaceful and even soothing record, this will appeal to all admirers of acoustic music.
~ by (Marcel Koopman).
Filtskolyd is supposed to be less interesting. The CBS album was a collection of tracks from both these albums.
~ (DEA)

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