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Sarofeen & Smoke - Love In Woman's Heart (us 1971)

Sarofeen and Smoke - Love in a Woman's Heart (us 1971)

Formed: Auburn, NY, United States

Sarofeen's vocal style has been compared to Janis Joplin, Ellen McIllwaine, & the Shocking Blue's (recently deceased) Mariska Veres, and if you like those vocalists you should give her a chance. Even if you don't like that heavy, bluesy 60's female vocal style you should still give it a try. Sarofeen & John Martin (especially the latter) wrote some excellent material.

*Anne Sarofeen (vocals),
*Ed "Duke" Shanahan (guitar),
*Dave Arliss (bass),
*John "Zilch" Martin (keyboards, harmonica, guitar),
*Jim Watts (drums, percussion)

01. Down in the gutter
02. Why can't you stop loving him
03. It's coming on to morning
04. You're not part of my life
05. Confrontation
06. Sour milk sea
07. Fire in me
08. Looking like the devil
09. Love in a woman's heart
10. Leakin boat blues
11. So hard to find
12. De blooz

Anne Sarofeen also performed on broadway in A Hard Job Being God and later recorded this second album (sans Smoke) entitled Love In A Woman's Heart, which I find it as good as her first release. Smoke (& Sarofeen presumably) were originally from Auburn, NY, and at least one member of the band, guitarist Ed "Duke" Shanahan continues to perform in that area. He also recordedd with the band Siddhartha (for RCA) in the year before this release and has performed with blues and r&b legends like Muddy Waters, James Cotton, Bobby Comstock, & Bo Diddley. I'm not sure what Sarofeen is up to these days...
~ internet sources.

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Thanks for posting this.

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Good Album,i prever his other Album.Have you that too?

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A stunning vocal. Knew the other album, but not this one, so thanks for the post. An amalgam of Buffy and Grace? MF