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Blackbirds - No Destination (Ger 1968)

Blackbirds - No Destination (Ger 1968)

Formed: May 1, 1965 , Püttlingen, Saarland, Germany

Wolfgang Bode (Bodo): bass, vocals
Werner Breinig: Guitar, flute, voilin
Peter Bely: keyboards, vocals
Charles Sikora: drums, vocals

01. Golden Sun (Breinig/Koop) 03:12
02. Space (Breinig) 03:20
03. No Destination (Breinig/Koop) 04:21
04. Long Tall Dorothe (Breinig/Koop) 02:09
05. Sandmann/s Bound (Breinig/Koop) 03:00
06. That's My Love (Breinig/Koop) 02:38
07. Girl I'm Wondering (Breinig/Koop) 03:06
08. Show Me That You Love Me (Breinig/Koop) 03:24
09. Something Different (Breinig) 02:05
10. She (Breinig/Koop) 04:32
Bonus Tracks:
11. Lead On Light (Reilly/Darham/Reilly) 03:31
12. Sherry Baby (Gaudio) 02:40
13. Burning Out For Rock'n Roll (Breinig/Klein) 03:24
14. Sherry Baby (Gaudio) 03:02

The story of Blackbirds is the story of two different groups, both led by Werner Breinig. Originally, the Blackbirds were kind of a beat group and the album No Destination released in 1968 captures this sound which was mostly a psychedelic beat music. Three years later, with different personally, the Blackbirds returned with a Touch of Music a classical influenced progressive album. Both of these albums are considered to be quite rare.

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