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Rodriguez - Cold Fact (us 1970)

Rodriguez - Cold Fact (us 1970)
(Tripped out psychedelia, on the early Bob dylan side of things.)

The album itself is a pretty good offering of leftist political folk/rock with a hint of psychedelia here and there. He comes across as bit of a Latino Bob Dylan.
The songs are well written and performed but for me the best thing about this this album is that I can slip it on the turntable and be 19 again.
A secret diamond for me. rodriguez, a single phaenomenon, a master of melodies, which hit into the open minded heart. very easy, very true.

01. Sugar Man
02. Only Good For Conversation
03. Crucify Your Mind
04. This Is Not A Song, It's an Outburst: Or, The Establishment Blues
05. Hate Street Dialogue
06. Forget It
07. Inner City Blues
08. I Wonder
09. Like Janis
10. Gommorah (A Nursery Rhyme)
11. Rich Folks Hoax
12. Jane S. Piddy

Sixto Diaz Rodriguez (also known as Rodriguez or as Jesus Rodriguez) is a US folk musician, born in Detroit, Michigan on the 10th of July 1942. He was named 'Sixto' because he was the sixth child in his family. Rodriguez's parents were middle-class immigrants from Mexico, who left in the 1920s. In most of his songs he takes a political stance on the cruelties facing the inner-city poor.
It was after the move to Sussex he changed his professional name to just Rodriguez. Rodriguez recorded two albums with Sussex - "Cold Fact", in 1970, and "Coming to Reality" in 1971. But after mixed reviews and low album sales he was later dropped from the label, which would later fold in 1975.
As his music career became a memory, Rodriguez's legend was growing - on the other side of the world. In South Africa and, to a lesser extent, Rhodesia, Australia and New Zealand, Cold Fact had become a major word of mouth success, particularly among young people in the South African armed forces, who identified with its counter-cultural bent. But Rodriguez was an enigma - not even the label knew where to find him - and his demise became the subject of debate and conjecture. Some rumours said he'd died of a heroin overdose or burned to death on stage. Others said he was in a mental institution, or in prison for murdering his girlfriend. Barring a couple of small-scale Australian tours in 1979 and 1981, nothing had been heard of him for almost 30 years. But the tide began to turn in 1996, when journalist Craig Bartholemew set out to get to the bottom of the mystery. After many dead ends, he found Rodriguez alive, well, free and perfectly sane in Detroit, ending years of speculation. Rodriguez himself had no idea about his fame in South Africa (the album had gone multi-platinum, Rodriguez has received not so much as a Rand in royalties), and embarked on a triumphant South African tour followed, filling 5,000 capacity venues across the country.
A documentary named Dead Men Don't Tour: Rodriguez in South Africa 1998 was screened on national TV. Rodriguez was still largely unknown in the northern hemisphere until 2002, when Sugar Man, the album's extra-terrestrially wonderful lead track, was picked up by David Holmes.The DJ discovered the album in a New York record store, and included it on his Come Get It, I Got It compilation, re-recording the song with Rodriguez for his Free Association project a year later.
Most of the people prefer the "Sugar Man" but I love "Rich Folks Hoax "
That's why...
Rich Folks Hoax
The moon is hanging in the purple sky
The baby's sleeping while its mother sighs
Talking 'bout the rich folks
Rich folks have the same jokes
And they park in basic places.

The priest is preaching from a shallow grave
He counts his money, then he paints you saved
Talking to the young folks
Young folks share the same jokes
But they meet in older places.

So don't tell me about your success
Nor your recipes for my happiness
Smoke in bed
I never could digest
Those illusions you claim to have going.

The sun is shining, as it's always done
Coffin dust is the fate of everyone
Talking 'bout the rich folks
The poor create the rich hoax
And only late breast-fed fools believe it.

So don't tell me about your success
Nor your recipes for my happiness
Smoke in bed
I never could digest
Those illusions you claim to have going.

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very honestly greatings from lively and poetry Chile

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