Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Blue Sun - Blue Sun (Denmark 1971)

Blue Sun - Blue Sun (Denmark 1971)

Formed: 1969, København, Denmark

Related Artists: Dream City, Bo Jacobsen World Jazz Conspiracy, Nada, Jytte Pilloni & Blue Sun, Dale Smith Blues Band, The Sympathy Orchestra

* Jesper Zeuthen (saxophone),
* Dale Smith (vocals, percussion),
* Jan Kaspersen (piano, keyboards),
* Bo Jacobsen (drums),
* Poul "Hvem Ellers" Ehlers (bass),
* Niels Pontoppidan (guitar),
* Søren Berggreen (saxophone, flute, harmonica),
* Leif Falk (congas, vocals),
* Ole Kühl (saxophone),
* Ole Nordenhof (piano, organ).

1. Peace Be Unto You 1970 Spectator Records
2. Blue Sun 1971 EMI
3. It's All Money Johnny 1976 Genlyd (as Jytte Pilloni & Blue Sun)
4. Blue Sun 73 1992 Danish Music Archives, archive live recordings
5. Live 1970 2001 Karma, CD archive live recordings

A1. Gryets vinger
A2. Blue Sun
A3. Tareperseren
A4. Efterar
B1. Son af solen
B2. Bladene falder
B3. Ivalo Og Liza
B4. Solhverv

Formed in 1969 in Copenhagen, Blue Sun was hippie band having their roots in avant-garde jazz-rock. Most of their works come from live recordings - mostly improvisations dominated by sax, organ and guitar. The music is mainly instrumental, with some South African inspiration. The band was very popular at that time among youngsters, having strong spiritual power when they performed live. Their album from 1971 presents similar style but a bit more peaceful with leading sax and vocal, alternately.

Download Link: Sun - Blue Sun (Den 1971).rar



Anonymous said...

do you have their 1971 self titled album?

alfaios said...

This is their 1971 self titled album!

heeren said...

the set list is that of the Blue Sun '73 live album