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Creation of Sunlight - Creation of Sunlight (us 1968)

Creation of Sunlight - Creation of Sunlight (us 1968)

Formed: CA, United States

Gary Young (lead vocals),
Jerry Griffin (keyboards, vocals),
Carl Estrella (lead guitar),
Don Sain (rhythm guitar),
Steve Montague (bass),
Bob Morgan (drums),
Ron Clark (flute, bari sax, percussion)

ALBUM: 1(A) CREATION OF SUNLIGHT (Windi ST 1001-1002) 1968 R4
NB: (1) reissued on CD (Mystic 7) 1997 and again 2000. 45: 1 David/The Fun Machine (Windi 1006) 196?

01 - David
02 - Hammonds Eggs
03 - In The Middle Of Happy
04 - Light Without Heat
05 - Rush Hour Blues
06 - Second Thoughts
07 - Seven Times Infinity
08 - Sometimes A Woman
09 - Colors Of Love
10 - The Fun Machine

Despite the reissues many are still unfamiliar with this Sunset Strip-style psych wonderama, so full of 60s summer charm you'll play it over and over. Strawberry Alarmclock's first two LPs are the obvious reference for these guys and they pull it off with equal talent and class, not a dull moment. The perfect summer album. With harmonies to die for, colorful arrangements that highlight great organ and guitar playing, Creation of Sunlight - Creation of Sunlight (Windi ST 1001-1002) 1968 R4 and, most of all, an album full of hit-worthy songs, this is an all-time classic. Like the similar SAC, at times the oh-so-happy sound veers towards the cheesy, but never quite pushes it too far. Instantly memorable, but also with a lot of depth. Every song is a winner. In a better world they would have been superstars.
A very rare Southern California pop/psych album with dual organ, fuzz and sunshine vibes similar to Strawberry Alarm Clock. The band were previously known as Sunlights Seven and recorded an unreleased, acetate-only album in Hollywood: Sunstroke, circa 1967. Their repertoire largely comprised of early versions of songs re-recorded for the Creation Of Sunlight album. (Vernon Joynson/Stephane Rebeschini/Clark Faville)

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