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Dr. Strangely Strange - Kip Of The Serenes (Ireland 1969 folk)

Dr. Strangely Strange - Kip of the Serenes (Ireland 1969 folk)

Formed: 1967, Dublin, Ireland

Album credits:
Jay Myrdal - Glockenspiel
Ivan Pawle - Bass, Vocals
Neil Wood - Drums
Dr. Strangely Strange - Main Performer
Jim Booth - Guitar, Vocals
Joe Boyd - Producer
Tim Goulding - Keyboards, Vocals
Linus - Percussion, Vocals

A1 Strangely Strange But Oddly Normal 4:28
A2 Dr. Dim & Dr. Strange 7:33
A3 Roy Rogers 5:37
A4 Dark-Haired Lady 4:25
A5 On the West Cork Hack 2:32
B1 A Tale of Two Orphanages 3:49
B2 Strings in the Earth and Air 1:52
B3 Ship of Fools 6:18
B4 Frosty Mornings 3:59
B5 Donnybrook Fair 8:48

Debut album, originally released by Island, 1969. "Ireland's answer to the Incredible String Band, Dr. Strangely Strange engaged in the same type of psychedelic acoustic music with folksy arrangements. With traditional instruments like penny whistle, fiddle, harmonium, and mandolin, Dr. Strangely Strange was more solidly rooted in melody and structure than the group's flaky Scottish counterparts. Produced by British modern folk guru Joe Boyd (Fairport Convention, Incredible String Band), Kip of the Serenes is built around simple and repetitious melodies occasionally interrupted by stream-of-consciousness musical and lyrical diversions."This simplistic approach would be abandoned with their 1970 follow-up, Heavy Petting, which saw their first partnership with electric guitarist Gary Moore.
~ (by: Dave Sleger, All Music Guide)

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