Friday, January 9, 2009

Freed - Freed (Denmark 1970)

Freed - Freed (Denmark 1970)
Freed - Freed LP. (Orpheus Records - ORPH008)

01. Girlfriend
02. Visions
03. Natten Solen Dagen
04. After The War
05. I Want You
06. Motorcycle
07. Dreamgirl
08. Tribute To Carlos
09. The End

Unreleased studio tapes from 1970 that contains swirling organ, fuzz guitars and melancholic vocals, English Lyrics, inspired by the Doors, Santana and John Mayall. From 1968-71 Freed toured heavily in Denmark, sweden and Germany without leaving any sort of mark in danish rock history.
A completely unknown and missing gem of the very varied sound of Danish underground
rock scene in the 60's- 70's.
A Wonderful album from Freed. You should listen this album !!!

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