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Die Anderen - Kannibal Komix (Germany 1970 Colossus Lp)

Die Anderen - Kannibal Komix (Germany 1970 Colossus Lp)

Formed: 1966, Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany
Disbanded: 1968 //

Gerd Muller (vocals, guitar),
Enrico Lombardi (vocals, guitar),
Bernd Scheffler (vocals, percussion, drums),
Jurgen Drews (vocals, guitar).

01. Little Little 3:10
02. Neurotic Reaction 2:40
03. Sing a Song 3:52
04. Mind My Own Business 3:27
05. Little Queen 3:11
06. Man in the Moon 2:35
07. Love 2:28
08. White House 3:02
09. Sunday Morning 3:12
10. Choo Choo Train 1:17
11. Elenor 3:03
12. Cosy Rosy 4:00

A German band, Kannibal Komix included an italian member (Jurgen Drews, Gerd Muller and Bernd Scheffler were German, bass player Enrico Lombardi was from Piacenza), and had some notoriety following an appearance in german and english TV shows. Their Lp Kannibal Komix was released in 1968 in Germany, and later chosen by the US filmmaker George Moorse as soundtrack for his film "The House In White". The Lp was hence issued in the USA on Colossus in 1970 and in Italy by Saint Martin in 1971 with a single cover.Housed in a distinctive cover (with a nude woman riding a horse), the Lp is still influenced by a late 60's UK psych/pop style, with 12 short tracks, and has no connections at all with the italian 70's progressive style.

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