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Hunger - Strictly From Hunger (us 1969)

Formed: Portland, OR, United States

* Bill Daffern (aka Willy Dee) (drums, vocals),
* Steve Hansen (rhythm guitar),
* Tom Tanory (bass),
* John Morton (lead guitar),
* Mike Parkinson (vocals).

Related Artists: Captain Beyond, G-Force Featuring Gary Moore, Pipedream, Truk
Genres: Psychedelic Rock

1(A) STRICTLY FROM HUNGER (Public! Records P-1006) 1969 R4
2(B) HUNGER (No label) 1969 R6
NB: (1) reissued (Psycho 14) 1983 and counterfeited on CD (Afterglow 010) 1993. Reissued (Akarma AK 045) 1999 with one bonus track on vinyl and six bonus tracks on CD. (2) was only issued as a test pressing in a plain sleeve. Reissued on vinyl (Void 08) 1998. (1) and (2) reissued as The Lost Album a 2-LP package (Akarma 045/2) 1999.
1(A) She Let Him Continue/Mind Machine (Public! Records PR 101/2) 1968
2(A) No Shame/Not So Fine (Public! Records PR 103/4) 1968
3(A) Colors/Mind Machine (Public! Records PR 1001) 1969
NB: (1) is non-LP versions. (2) as by The Touch. Both tracks figure on the Strictly From album, the 'B' side being re-titled, but the 45 versions are very different. (3) same versions as on the Strictly From album.

01. Colors 2:04
02. Workship 4:17
03. Portland 5:35
04. No Shame 2:26
05. Trying to Make the Best 5:33
06. Open Your Eyes 2:25
07. The Truth 3:59
08. Mind Machine 3:30
09. She Let Him Continue 5:04
10. Trying to Make the Best No. 2 7:18
One of my favourite psychedelic albums ever.A must to all collectors of 60's psychedelia!Hunger - Strictly from hunger - 1969 Los Angeles (via Portland, Oregon). Excellent moody garage psych heavier than most organ-led groups with insistent rhythm and frequent fuzz bursts. Quite trippy like a heavier 'swinging London' sound. The test pressing version is included and with different takes, weezy organ and emphasizing the group's dual leads. With Gene Gunnels and Ed King (Strawberry Alarm Clock)...
~ Reviewed by: Keith "Muzikman" Hannaleck, August 2001
The group Hunger was an extremely talented group from Portland, Oregon. The album Strictly From Hunger was released in 1969. It was to be the only release from the group, as a streak of bad luck broke the band apart. Unfortunately on two separate occasions their equipment was stolen.The group featured long organ driven instrumental breaks with piercing guitar lines between some strong songwriting in a majority of their songs. They were a very popular group that was rising fast in the California psychedelic scene. By the time it was over they were right on the verge of crossing over to hard rock.Songs like "Workshop," which delves into your thought processes and dreams, I thought, were very introspective and thought provoking, and great musically. "She Let Him Continue" is a psych-rock gem from the vaults. With all of the sound effects (which were fairly new at the time) and the strong vocal inflections from the pipes of Bill Daffern (drums), the song still sounds as hauntingly fresh today as the day it was laid down in the studio. Mike Parkinson normally handled all the vocals. John Morton (lead guitar), Steve Hansen (rhythm guitar), Tom Tanory (bass) were the core of the group that supported the great songwriting and vocals. "Portland" is a stunning instrumental passage. This particular track made me realize that this group would have evolved quite interestingly if they had remained together. The potential for moving more into fusion was evident in their music right from the start. You can hear elements of just about every genre (jazz, blues, pop, rhythm & blues) intermingled amongst each song, although you must listen very carefully to hear it all. Every song serves as an excellent example of the cross pollination of genres. They were so much more than the psych-rock band that they were generally perceived as.
~ by Fantasyman (RYM)

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Gypsy Nick said...

Nothing is over till it's over. Hunger could still make a mark in today's music scene if the original band wouild give it a go. The 60's generation is just about ready to retire and spend their time enjoying flashbacks to their glory days. Hunger could ride a nostalgic wave as big as Iron Buterfly rode a chant.

So, said the man in the mist, . . . . why not?

Gypsy Nick

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Amazing team, thanks!

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I havnt heard this album for 15 years...thanks for uploading another great origonal 60's Album

Anonymous said...

Great album, amazing band. Thanks!

Pablo Cazorla (a.k.a. The Bomber) said...

Great blog brother, congratulations!

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