Sunday, January 11, 2009

Isaiah - Isaiah (Austria 1974)

Isaiah - Isaiah (Austrian Krautrock 1975)

Formed: 1971, Tirol, Austria

* Gerd Raabe (lead vocals, flute, acoustic guitar, percussion),
* Michael Bornhorst (tenor saxophone, clarinet),
* Hans Gasser (bass),
* Walter Reschauer (drums, percussion),
* Edu Weber (lead guitars, backing vocals),
* Hubertus Nolte (keyboards, backing vocals)
* Related Artists: Alpendollar, Carin Cosa Latin Band

Very great Progressive Rock from Austria with hints of jazz in parts. The album has some beautiful guitar works and has a passionate sound and is full of feeling throughout, there is some great flutes and sax on the album and the result of this is fantastic.

Tracklist :
01. Jericho (3:46)
02. Summer Farewell (5:10)
03. Leave It All Behind (5:25)
04. Afterwards (7:38)
05. Prophet (8:45)

There are flutes and sax, it's sometimes very delicate and melodic, sometimes more jazzy or even funky, the result is amazing.One more not to be missed !

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