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Anonymous - Inside The Shadow (us 1976)

Anonymous - Inside the Shadow (us 1976, A Major Label AMLS 1002)

RON MATELIC: vcls, gtr
GLENN WEAVER vclsl gtr, bs

A1. Who's Been Foolin'? (3:18)
A2. J Rider (4:35)
A3. Up to You (3:23)
A4. Shadow Lay (6:10)
B1. Pick Up and Run (5:09)
B2. We Got More (5:16)
B3. Sweet Lilac (4:29)
B4. Baby Come Risin' (9:24)

A somewhat mysterious but eminently worthwhile quartet from Indianapolis, IN, Anonymous was active in the mid- to late '70s but sounded like they came from a decade earlier. The group's acknowledged antecedents were the Beatles and the Byrds, but from such familiar trappings, Anonymous created a richly textured version of classic psychedelia that both adheres to and ignores the common precepts of the genre. The mellow, wide-ranging but never aimless results sound like a cross between a far more structured version of Quicksilver Messenger Service and an American equivalent of the fluid, jazz-tinged progressive rock of Curved Air.
This is a superb album of melodic guitar driven rock which blends exquisitely with Marsha's vocals on tracks like J Rider, Up To You, Pick Up And Run and Baby Come Risin', which is probably the album's finest moment. If you like ringing guitar work and harmonic vocals, this album is for you...
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Here's an interview with Ron Matelic:

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Tomas said...

This is a little psychedelic masterpiece. Highly recomended. Thankx for posting.