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Stone Circus - Stone Circus (us 1969)

Stone Circus - Stone Circus (us 1969 Mainstream Lp)

Formed: NY, United States

* Ronny Paige (vocals),
* Sonny Haines (guitar),
* Dave Keeler (bass),
* Mike Burns (drums),
* Jonathan Caine [Larry Cohen] (keyboards)

01. What Went Wrong
02. Adam's Lament
03. Mr. Grey
04. Blue Funk
05. Carnival Of Love
06. Sara Wells
07. Inside-Out Man
08. Camino Real
09. People I Once Knew

Here’s another Mainstream label gem, and possibly one of my favorite albums I’ve heard on the label. These Montreal based musicians (save one), decided to journey south of the border to New York to find their scene. Known as The Funky Farm, Mainstream decided to change their name for the release of the album. In typical record business style, Mainstream didn’t even inform the band of the name change! Featuring an outrageous psychedelic cover of a very colorful and oversized clown engulfed in an earthquake with flames, it certainly would catch ones attention even for 1969, when such a sight was more common. Stone Circus possess the same songwriting qualities as Strawberry Alarm Clock, and period instrumentation (fuzz guitar, old organs). It does miss that magic ingredient of naivete, that Strawberry Alarm Clock was able to tap into so perfectly. Whether it’s the California sunshine that’s missing, or the late date of 1969, it’s clear there’s a little somethin’ missing. Still, Stone Circus’ one album is one of the better representatives of the era.
Enjoyable from start to finish, it's a treat for all fans of melodic psychedelia!

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