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Hobbits - Men And Doors - The Hobbits Communicate (us 1968 Decca Lp)

The Hobbits - Men and Doors - The Hobbits Communicate (us 1968 Decca Lp)

01. Men And Doors
02. España Baby
03. Let Me Make My Own Mistakes
04. Feeling
05. Words Get In The Way
06. The Journey
07. Will You be Ready For Tomorrow
08. Love Is
09. Strawberry Children
10. University Of The Street
11. Artificial Face
This is the second album from the Hobbits and is actually titled "Men And Doors: The Hobbits Communicate" By the time this was released, Jimmy Curtis was the only remaining member from their first lp, the new line-up included two female singers, Gini Eastwood and Heather Hewitt plus flamenco guitarist Marius that gave some of the cuts a Spanish feel.
Of their three albums, this one is the best production wise, and the songwriting is more stronger than the first. Curtis was involved with another project around this time with a group called Bag which released an album entitled "Real" for Decca and was described as "Psychedelic Soul". The musicians from Bag also played on the final Hobbits lp "Back From Middle Earth" which is credited to the "New Hobbits", and launched Curtis' new label Perception, the album revived the theme of the first lp.
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Just so you know, Jimmy spells his last name with two s's. It's Jimmy Curtiss.


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Great album!
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