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Floating Opera - The Floating Opera (us 1971)

Floating Opera - The Floating Opera (us 1971) (Embryo SD 730)

Artist: Floating Opera
Formed: NYC, October 7, 1970, (Michigan band),
Release Date: Jan 1, 1971
Label: Embryo
Styles: Rock

- John Nemerovski - Piano,
- Steve Welkom - Guitar,
- Artie Alinikoff - Drums,
- Carol Lees - Keyboards,
- Gary Munce - Bass,

- Dave Green - Engineer
- Herbie Mann - Producer

01. Song of the Suicides
02. The Vision
03. Midnight
04. Buckwheat Gal
05. Fever Day
06. Age of Onan
07. Crack on the Wall
08. Back on the Street Again
09. Angelfood Cake Song
10. Soulful Feeling

A self contained group [4 guys and 1 girl] common to this period. Though at times very loud and vocally histrionic the album flows as an uninterrupted suite. Everyone contributes, and as these things go Floating Opera isn't a bad record. They do a nice job with the ballads, and the album is cleanly produced. Fans of this style group/music will almost certainly like Floating Opera. The album is packaged in a nice looking gatefold cover with the lyrics inside, and the group's picture on the front.
~ by: Allan J. Moore
FLOATING OPERA (Ann Arbor, MI)"Floating Opera" 1971 (Embryo sd-730)
[die-cut gatefold; wlp exists] [1]
The first two songs here are absolutely killer, making the rest of the album pretty disappointing by comparison. “Song of The Suicides” is a pained masterpiece with a stunning guitar solo and a melodic sound that feels like Zerfas. “The Vision” is a hot powerful rocker with some relentless organ playing by Carol Lees (many reviews of this album mistakenly claim that she’s a singer. Apparently some people review the album by just looking at the cover and not by listening to it, as all of the album’s vocalists are male.) The other songs are lesser variations on these two styles, without all that much inspiration, though the playing is strong throughout. Contains a song called “Age of Onan,” for those of you who collect odes to masturbation. [AM]
~ by: (

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Anonymous said...

Many thankx. Fantastic record.

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot

Anonymous said...

indeed!First track is HUGE.amazing bass,guitar and vocals
thank you

Anonymous said...

I have this on LP and must say it is a very solid album. Very collectible! The first track, Song of the Suicides is among my all time favourites. Great album.

jerry Newport said...

This was a very popular band at U-Michigan during my years there. I believe that originally, some of them played in a group called "The Long Island Sound" and changed the name in 1967 or 1968. The bummer for me was that I booked them to play the pledge formal for my fraternity and caught mono and couldn't go and hear them myself! My brothers all raved about them so I was proud of my booking coup.