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Denny Gerrard - Sinister Morning (uk 1970)

Denny Gerrard - Sinister Morning (uk 1970)

Genre: Pop/Rock
Styles: Folk-Rock, Psychedelic Pop
Member Of: Warm Sounds, Fifth Avenue.
Also Known As: Denver Gerrard

High Tide played as backing band on Denny Gerrard's album Sinister Morning (1970).

01. Native Sun
02. True Believer
03. Hole In My Shadow
04. Last But One
05. Rough Stuff
06. Stop Or Drop It
07. Autum Blewn
08. Eye For Eye
09. Atmosphere

It wasn't long after arriving in the U.K. that South African student Denny Gerrard began making his mark on the music scene. In 1965, Jimmy Page picked him to become one half of the duo the Fifth Avenue, while Rolling Stones' manager Andrew Loog Oldham brought him in as arranger for his project the Variations. Gerrard then linked up with Barry Younghusband, and as Warm Sounds they promptly unleashed the Top 30 hit "Birds and Bees." Swiftly bored with pop the duo soon split, and Gerrard moved into production, overseeing High Tide's critically acclaimed 1969 debut album, Sea Shanties. No surprise then, that when the South African began work on his own debut, self-produced, full-length, High Tide were by his side. However, the resulting album, Sinister Morning, was far more a reflection of Gerrard's vision than Tide's sound. Much of the set has a folkie feel, accentuated by the prolific use of Gerrard's acoustic guitar and harmonica.
The production gives the entire album a warm sound, although on CD it comes across as a tad too pristine. The only flaw within is Gerrard's decision to overutilize layered vocals instead of true harmonies, and paying far less attention to his vocals than he did to the rest of the album's sound. Released on Decca's mid-price imprint Nova, the album surprisingly sank without a track, but swiftly became a much sought-after collector's item. Finally after all these years, Esoteric has now lovingly remastered and reissued this splendid album on CD.
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Aimi said...

This is one of my favorite albums, ever. "Hole in my shadow" blows my mind every time I hear it. It's a shame he didn't put out more solo albums. I wonder what he's up to these days?

stickydisgust said...

It's good of you to share this with us. But assuming it is you who uploaded this album, would it have hurt to have hosted it on a file website that isn't so SHIT?

Anonymous said...

im so lucky having this album.. the favorite song for me is : true beliver ..and the following song : hole in my shadow is far away in a musically way.. .. true beliver is a long sone with his voice in lead and the two female voices suporting .. : Hole im my shadow do have their voices as lead. and his as bagground.. supporting them ..smukkebo ebay seller

but the quality of both songs is with high lisining value in my ears..

Anonymous said...

One of my best albums. The folk basis to the album plus high tides glorious guitar licks makes it a unique genre. The female vocalists are brilliant too.

Antony One said...

Just love the timeless rage against the machine lyrics... " the poor man and his honesty" pitch. High Tide are the perfect haqrd edged accomplaintment, to the barbed folkie feel of this Album

Anonymous said...

True unsung heroes of rock, with messages that went unheaded

Jarvis said...

utter unsullied perfection

Anonymous said...

WTF this sharebee shite. Why have you ruined this fine album by linking it to this nasty commercial site - whereupon it disappears and is replaced with flower sellers?!

Total bollocks. Shame on you. Did you not read any of the lyrics, or did you think it was all a joke?

0 out of 10