Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Mourning Reign - The Mourning Reign (us 1965-68, BeatRocket 1998 Garage Comp.)

The Mourning Reign - The Mourning Reign (us 1998 Garage Comp.)

Formed: 1965, San Jose, CA, United States

A1. Evil-Hearted You
A2. Get Out of My Life Woman
A3. Satisfaction Guaranteed
A4. Our Fate
A5. Light Switch
B1. Run Run Run
B2. Tales of Brave Ulysses
B3. Signed D.C.
B4. Cut Back
B5. Light Switch (Stereo Version)

This San Jose band from the mid-1960s has had a cult following for quite some time based on a tiny handful of local sides that passed from one collector to another, enhancing their rep by word of mouth. This ten-song issue on Sundazed's vinyl only subsidiary label captures them raw 'n' nasty, blasting through some studio covers of Who, Cream and Yardbirds tunes and a brace of their own stuff. Lead singer Beau Maggi was one of the best garage-band Jagger soundalikes, and the band had that nether ground between British fuzztone band and coming psychedelia down pretty darn well; it's all here to enjoy.
~ [info:]
Similarities to garage legends like the Syndicate of Sound and the Sonics might be brought up, but this Southern California band don't always pack quite the same punch. A comparison to a band like Laghonia from South America might be more appropriate. Either way it is pretty solid albeit very short. The opener "Evil-Hearted You" reflects both the harmonious and garage side of this band, with good vocals but a loud bass and a good fuzz guitar workout. "Light Switch" greatly favors the vocal harmonies and mellower guitar of many British Invasion bands and closes with foreboding bells. The band then unleashes their take on some classic tunes, the best being Cream's "Tales of Brave Ulysses" and Love's "Signed D.C." The vocals are inspired, the musicianship is with much passion and the covers work very well as do the originals, a really solid garage album.
~ By Brandting (RYM, Jun-27-2007)
Always mentioned in the same breath as the San Jose's hallowed trio — the Syndicate Of Sound, the Chocolate Watchband and Count Five — the Mourning Reign has been woefully under-represented on wax — until now. Includes superb versions of the Who's "Run Run Run" and Cream's "Tales of Brave Ulysses". Their own superb "Light Switch" is here as well.
~ By Chocoreve

Download Link:
The Mourning Reign - The Mourning Reign (us 1965-68, BeatRocket 1998 Garage Comp.).rar

Filename: The Mourning Reign - The Mourning Reign (us 1965-68, ...rar Size: 31.41 MB

...and this is the 7" Vinyl, (SEP 115) by Sundazed:

The Mourning Reign - Satisfaction Guaranteed (us 1996, Sundazed EP)

A1. Satisfaction guaranteed
A2. Our fate
B1. Light switch
B2. Cut back

Download Link:
The Mourning Reign - Satisfaction Guaranteed (us 1996, Sundazed EP).rar

Filename: The Mourning Reign - Satisfaction Guaranteed (us 199...rar Size: 23.03 MB


Anonymous said...

Thankx for the mourning reign album and ep. Fantastic garage.

Andora said...

Love and will forever remember the good times and music at the Continental Ballroom from Steve Canali, Bo, Johnny and the rest of the band. They gave us great dancing music in the 60's. We followed music from the other bands (Roadhouse)Steve was in. Andora

Jared Gardner said...

Just came across a 45 of theirs "(Evil Hearted You" w/ "Get Out Of My Life Woman"), which was on Contour Records, my father's label. He also recorded the band in his home, and the record brought back a bunch of memories. Did an internet search, and it led me here. Trippy!

Anonymous said...

Hey, glad to see people remember the Continental, the music, and the Mourning Reign.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jared, We all remember your dad, Brian. Great engineer and good man. He used to keep a huge black snake, that would have to be taken out of the room before our drummer, Craig would come in the house.Interesting that so many people are into the Mourning Reign, but we're like'n it. Thanks, Steve Canali.

Anonymous said...

Hello Andora, thanks for the nice comments about the band. Wish I could remember you, but that was so long ago. Surprised that you also followed Roadhouse!That was a good band. Steve Canali

Anonymous said...

hi i am paul and i like a lot the music of mourning reign.

can anyone send me the lyrics of "our Fate"?

my email is

i am from greece

many thanks friends


Anonymous said...

I remember the Mourning Reign when they were playing in NJ at places like the Carriage Barn in Oakland. There was Mrs. Bogart's sweet shop in Pompton Lakes. Great times and they were a great band. JB