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Pic-Nic - Pic-Nic (Spain 1968)

Pic-Nic - Pic-Nic (Spain 1968, LP - HISPAVOX)

Formed 1967, Barcelona, Cataluna, Spain
Disbanded 1969 //

- Jeanette (vocals),
- Toti Soler (guitars),
- Al Cardenas (guitars, banjo),
- Doro Montaberry (bass),
- Jordi Sabates (drums).

Related Artists: Jarka, Om
Genres: folk rock

01. Cállate niña (1967 * R. Turia - J. Dimech)
02. No diga nada (1967 * R. Turia - J. Dimech)
03. Él es distinto a ti (1968 * Janice Ian / Adap. Maria D. Ostiz)
04. Te esperaré (1968 * V. Brenner - R. Turia)
05. Amanecer (1967 * J. Soler - R. Turia)
06. Me olvidarás (1968 * R. Turia - J. Dimech)
07. No volverá (1967 * J. Soler - R. Turia)
08. Negra estrella (1967 * Okun - Stookey / Adap. Farina – Mentaberry)

~ Reviewed by: Uncle Diss.
This album is another one of my favorite acquisitions, from the many years I spent slaving over a hot computer, pricing vinyl at the record store... It's a really nice latin folk record from a group called PIC-NIC... The title is CALLATE NINA and this album has never been issued on CD, so once again I'm sharing one of my many vinyl rips... I don't have a lot of information about the group themselves, but I do know that the lead female vocalist was a star in her own right... JEANETTE had a fairly successful solo career as a pop star and after listening to this album, you can see why... She has a very pretty voice that soothes you, regardless of the fact that you might not know what she is saying... She is half-Belgium and half-Spanish, but English-born in 1951.. Her family moved from London to Chicago briefly, before settling in La Habra, CA where she grew up... Unfortunately though, the band didn't stay together for very long, so by the end of the late 1960's, JEANETTE was recording as a solo artist, having released albums well into the awesome 1980's...This album though is just lovely from start to finish... Some of the song highlights on this record include "En Mis Suenos", "No Digas Nada", a JANIS IAN cover of "Society's Child" and of course the title track "Callate Nina"... Check this out if you're looking for something mellow and peaceful... This might be your only chance to experience a PIC-NIC in Winter...

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