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Chrysalis - Definition (us 1967)

Chrysalis - Definition (us 1967)

Formed: Ithaca, NY, United States

- James Spider Barbour,
- Nancy Nairn,
- Paul Album,
- Dahaud Shaar,
- Jon Sabin,
- Ralph Kotkov

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01. What Will Become of the Morning
02. Lacewing
03. Cynthia Gerome
04. April Grove
05. Father's Getting Old
06. 30 Poplar
07. Baby, Let Me Show You Where I Live
08. Fitzpatrick Swanson
09. Lake Hope
10. Piece of Sun
11. Summer in Your Savage Eyes
12. Dr Root's Garden
13. Dues Are Hard (Bonus Track)
14. Gimme Your Love (Bonus Track)
15. Sink in Deeper (Bonus Track)
16. Window Shopping (Bonus Track)
17. Well I Can Ride (Bonus Track)
18. Cold & Windy City (Bonus Track)
19. Cynthia Gerome (Bonus Track)
20. Dr Root's Garden (Bonus Track)

This release has all the bonus tracks... some wonderful songs on this album!

The recent deluge of mid-'60s relics that continue to rise from the vinyl crypt for a little modern re-consideration are too often more miss than hit. For every Pete Dello or Comus reissue there are seven or eight barely mediocre offerings from bands like Eclection or the Vejtables. Chrysalis, a colorful quintet from Ithaca, New York who dabbled in everything from folk, rock and jazz to Middle Eastern music fall somewhere in the middle, and their one and only recording, Definition remains a fascinating, if uneven lesson in the fine art of psychedelia. Frank Zappa, who championed Chrysalis as "a group that has yet to destroy your mind" was originally asked to produce, but was in the throes of removing himself from a bitter contractual dispute with MGM/Verve. In the end, Definition went through numerous production teams who all left for various reasons — none relating to the music or musicians — which makes it all the more curious that it sounds so defined and cohesive. Frontman Spider Barbour, who had appeared on both Zappa's We're Only in It for the Money and Lumpy Gravy — and who is now, ironically, a naturalist devoted to the lives of moths and butterflies — brings a great deal of early Mothers of Invention aesthetic to the table. Jazzy piano motifs flitter about truncated worldbeat rhythms, while short comedy skits provide segues between songs that deal with insects, yodeling girls, and hippie culture. It's all very Sgt. Pepper's, but there is an adventurous glee to the songs and arrangements that's equally matched by the talent behind them. It's the kind of brainy yet daft art rock that collegiate drug users, music school geeks and even children can find common ground in, and Rev-Ola's extensive liner notes and inclusion of eight bonus tracks from the sessions makes for a rewarding listen whoever you are.
~ by: James Christopher Monger, All Music Guide
One-shot masterpiece from genius songwriter Spider Barbour. His songs show remarkable lyrical and musical depth. Acoustic rock (not quite folk-rock) songs dominate, but the album is full of surprises, from searing fuzz guitar to the whacked-out fantasy “Dr. Root’s Garden” that closes the album. There are spots of jazz, prog (way before its time) and music hall, all of which can ruin psychedelic records, but work incredibly well here because they’re part of Barbour’s vision, not just attempts to be trendy. Favorite lyric: “God is a ring of smoke, wrapped around my finger, a wasp without a stinger, buzzing in my ear." Other lyrics veer towards the psychological and emotional with equally memorable results. Barbour’s voice is soothing and appealing. Nancy Nairn is used sparingly but effectively (two and a halsongs) as the other lead vocalist. Her unhinged performance on “April Grove” adds to the appeal and strangeness of the album but is effective precisely because it’s not overused. Some other songs are stunningly beautiful and tragic. One of the all-time greats.
~ (internet source)

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Anonymous said...

Can definatley hear the influence of one frank zappa....really love it and thanks for sharing with fellow like minds.

teclas pretas said...

one of the best albums ever. thank you! by the way, whatever happened with nancy nairn, chrysalis outstanding female singer? any help?


TheRedHippieTeenager said...

Thanx for the share! this album is really great! April Grove is soooo cool