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Join In - Kentalope Island (Ger 1974)

Join In - Kentalope Island (Ger 1974)
(CD-Reissue 2003, Garden of Delights)

Formed: 1968, Marl, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
Disbanded: 1981 //

* Werner Bleck (Bass),
* Udo Custodis (Saxophone),
* Edward "Eddy" Friedrich (Drums),
* Wilfried Jens (Keyboards, Guitar),
* Jörg Radeck (Guitar).
with (According to RYM):
* Udo Dobrzanski (bass),
* Walter Biermann (bass),
* Rodrigo Ramor (vocals),
* Joschka Balint (bass),
* Janosch Balint (piano),
* Ricky Ramor (bass),
* Frank Voigt (flute, vocals),
* Robert Schulte-Hemming (trumpet),
* Markus Budniok (keyboards),
* Udo Preckel (acoustic guitar),
* Wolfgang Baumann (saxophone),
* Jürgen "Karl" Struck (saxophone, vocals),
* Rick Schleicher (bass)

Related Artists: Think
Genres: Jazzrock , Fusion, Krautrock
Label: Menga (MEL 3302) 1974
Reissue: Garden of Delights, (CD 087) 2003

Disc 1
01. Illusions 6:37
02. Do it yourself 4:41
03. Dreams 3:00
04. Kentalope Island 6:44
05. Used to play 3:45
06. Fliwatüüt 3:45
Bonustracks (CD-Reissue)
07. Bridge Street 7:54
08. I wanna be a bird 4:40
09. Chicago train 5:04
10. Listen to the story 7:22
11. Airport entrance 7:49
12. Friday evening 3:31
13. Higher and higher 2:26
14. Circus 3:53
Total playing time: 71:11

Jazz-rock with sax and vocals. Vivacious, hardly ever calm. The band from Marl released their only LP on the small label Menga, where the hard looked for LP from Think was released too. Taken from the master tapes.
Jazz-rock again? Yes, but the increasing number of tracks with jazz-rock on this sampler is only accidentally and not a trend. Join In were coming from Marl, a city situated in the Ruhr district area. They were founded in 1968 and changed their style of music quite often. They began with playing blues-rock, then changed to playing hard rock and ended up by playing jazz-rock in the seventies, each style containing progressive elements. Their only LP "Kentalope Island" was released in 1974 (Menga 3302). It is the same label where Think released, too. With Think they were not only in close contact but also exchanged their ideas concerning the music they wanted to play. Join In's CD was taken from the master tape and has as bonus eight not yet released tracks. In the booklet you can find, along with a lot of photos, valuable information about the band.
~ green-brain-krautrock.
Originating from Marl (north of Essen) in 1968, and going through numerous changes over the years, first influenced by British rock and blues acts, Join In later moved ever more onto jazzy prog and fusion realms. Associates of Think, whose Ricky Ramor and Frank Voigt were amongst the many that passed through their ranks, Join In recorded their album at the same studio, with Eroc as engineer.KENTALOPE ISLAND is a pleasant record, with some slight Think references, but much more fusion, mixing jazzy musics with soft rock and prog elements typical of the era, comparable to many others: Guru Guru circa GLOBETROTTER, Cry Freedom, or Dutch acts like Alquin or Solution. For those that like such things, it's a good example of the genre, and all the better on the CD which includes some much stronger (if of not brilliant recording quality) material, where they live up to the band name much more, with some tasty jamming instrumental work.
~ Internet Source.
You can buy it here: & Inn_Kentalope Island
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Toy Factory - Toy Factory (us 1970)

Toy Factory - Toy Factory (us 1970)
(Avco Embassy Lp, AVE 33013)

Formed: 1969, New York, NY, United States
Disbanded: 1970 //

* Greg Weiss (vocals),
* Billy (guitar),
* Bill (bass),
* Sal (keyboards),
* Joey (drums).

Related Artists: Andromeda

01. What Is A Youth
02. To Live Or Die
03. Dear Girl
04. Yesterday's Love
05. No Rhyme To Orange
06. Summertime
07. When I'm With You
08. Things
09. Honey, Forever
10. Little Girl

Though we haven't been able to track down much bibliographical information on this late-60s bi-racial outfit, we think they were from Long Island, New York. From the liner notes on their LP we can also tell you Greg Weiss was the lead singer and was responsible for writing roughly half the material. The rest of the line up consisted of bassist Bill, guitarist Billy, drummer Joey and keyboard player Sal (great detail there).
Produced by Bernie Lawrence, the majority of 1970's "Toy Factory” found the band trying to fight their way through rather faceless MOR pop. Lead singer Greg Weiss had a decent voice, but on tracks such as "What Is Youth", "To Live or Die" and "Honey, Forever" he employed an irritating faux-English accent that recalled Davy Jones (he sounds like David Hemmings to me Bad Cat!!!). He also had an irritating habit of throwing mock sobs and groans into the mix ("When I'm with You" and "Honey Forever"). Strike three were the occasional French lyrics (don't pick on the French Bad Cat!!!) he tossed into the mix ("To Live or Die" and "Honey Forever"). Curiously, the band was at their best when they cut loose and go for a harder rock sound. In this case, the pseudo-psychedelic "No Rhyme To Orange" (sporting a nice fuzz guitar solo) and "Things" was a nifty slice of blue-eyed soul. "Summertime" also found the band turning in one of the weirdest George Gershwin covers we've ever heard (pretty decent guitar here too Bad Cat!!!). This one certainly won't change your life, but it's one of those period failures that's worth checking out.
~ (BAD CAT).

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Purpose - The Purpose Is the Blues..... (us 1968)

Purpose - The Purpose Is the Blues..... (us 1968, ABC Lp, ABCS 662)

* John-John McDuffy (organ, piano, vocals),
* Fluffer Hirsch (guitar),
* Johnny Mitchell (alto sax, vocals),
* Sam Wright (bass),
* “Chocolate" Wright (drums).

01. Dustcracks, Bugs And Roaches
02. Doin' The Everything
03. Give In
04. Life Of Love
05. Jump Up
06. Hippie Chick
07. Hog For You Baby
08. Nosey, Nosey People
09. Forgive Me
10. I Feel It

Produced by the legendary Tom Wilson when he launched his Raputin Productions in 1968 that included such bands as Fraternity Of Man, Ill Wind, and Bagattelle, this one somehow was lost in the shuffle, an obscure funky rockin' bluesy combo, with an integrated lineup, and instrumentation that includes organ, guitar, bass, and drums. The tracks are all originals, with a funky feel to them, and some good grooves on the best tracks.The lead singer's in kind of an Eric Burdon mode, but on the groovers, this comes off as sort of a mod soul/beat group sound, which gives the cuts a great A-Go-Go beat.
~ (Dusty Groove).

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Purpose - The Purpose Is the Blues..... (us 1968).rar (46.23 MB)

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Madder Lake - Still Point (Australia 1973)

Madder Lake - Still Point (Australia 1973)

Formed: 1971, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

* Mick Fettes (vocals, 1971-75),
* Jack Kreemers (drums),
* Brendon Mason (lead guitar),
* Kerry McKenna (bass, synthesizer, vocals, guitar),
* John McKinnon (piano, organ, vocals, ?-1973, 1976-78),
* Andy Cowan (keyboards, 1973-75),
* Colin Setches (vocals, 1975-76),
* Tony Lake (vocals, 1976-78),
* Ian Holding (bass, 1976).

Related Artists: Bandicoot, Where's Claire?

- Stillpoint (Mushroom MRL 34915) 1973 Reissued on CD (Mushroom D 19529) 1991
- Butterfly Farm (Mushroom L 35090) 1974Reissued on CD (Mushroom D 19760) 1993
- There was also a Best Of (Mushroom) 1978 compilation, later reissued on CD (Mushroom D 19226) 1991
- Goodbye Lollipop/Bumper Bar Song (Mushroom MRK-4986) 1973
- 12-Lb Toothbrush/Country Blues (Mushroom K-5230) 1973
- Butterfly Farm/Back Seat Song (Mushroom K-5453) 1974
- Booze Blues/One Star And The Moon (Mushroom K-5516) 1974
- It's All In Your Head/Slack Alice (Mushroom K-5732) 1974

01. Salmon Song
02. On My Way To Heaven
03. Helper
04. Listen The Morning Sunshine
05. Goodbye Lollipop
06. Song For Little Ernest
07. 12lb Toothbrush

Madder Lake formed in 1971 in Melbourne and lasted until 1978. They played inventive progressive rock, which was full of great guitar work and complex arrangements, and were the first band to be signed to a Mushroom Records contract.
Their debut album, "Stillpoint", was adventurous and owed its unique sound to Mick Fettes' unique vocals, John McKinnon's sparse keyboards and the blues-tinged guitar playing of Brendon Mason. When Still Point was released in 1973. It had a lot of competition from hugely successful overseas bands like; Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and Deep Purple. which would not have helped with the sales or promotion of the album.
Unfortunately, this album was a little bit too complicated and way-out for most Australian rock music listeners.
~ by Skids.

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Amory Kane - Memories Of Time Unwound (us-uk 1968)

Amory Kane - Memories of Time Unwound (us-uk 1968, extremely rare psych folk-rock lp)

* Amory Kane: guitar, vocals
* Dave Pegg: bass
* Ned Balen: drums

01. Mama Mama
02. Reflections Of Your Face
03. All the Best Songs & Marches
04. You Were On My Mind
05. Physically Disqualified Blues
06. New Light
07. Night08. Maybe You'll Stay
09. Candy Queen
10. Birds Of Britain
11. Perfumed Hand Of Fate

Californian, Amory Kane (vcals,guitar) moves to England at the end of the ' 67 and begins to attend clubs/coffee houses as the Bunjies finche' in July '68 obtains a contract very 5 years with the MCA and, with the production of expert Steve Rowland (Family Dogg), records his first LP that alternate convincing brani like "Birds of weighted down Britain" to others a lot from the agreements, are made however to signal traditional "the You to were On My Mind" (arranged from John Paul Jones), "New Light" ( which text will be brought back also on the cover of according to album) and the conclusive "Perfumed Hand Of Fairies".The job comes well however received from the critic a lot that Melody Maker the Lp nomination of the month. In November '68 Amory records for Night Ride, playing the intense "Four Ravens" (from little published on 45 turns and unfortunately not present in the album), "Reflections", "Physically Disqualified Blues", "Night" and the new "Evolution". Later on it begins to collaborate actively with English cantautore Tim Hollier and the interesting it yields of this job can be listened to in "Tim Hollier" and "Sky Sail" of Hollier and in "Just To Be There" of Amory Kane, decidedly successful the second Lp, published in '70 in general indifference.To the album, produced from Tony Cox, Ron Geesin, Ned Balen of Shakey Vick, Dave Pegg and Jonathon Coudrille participate actively. The better things are all the first facade, in which Kane it introduces its version of "Llanstephan Hill", written together to Hollier and Rick Cuff, while according to side it is opened from beautiful cover of "Get Together" of Dino Being Worth and closed from the cake "Tenderly Stooping Low" of Cuff (than Co-company also it begins it them "Evolution" and "Golden Laces".With the CBS Amory it records also last 45 turns, for the truth not much successful and then of he forgiveness the traces, probably re-entered in the USA.
~ by Lizardson.

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Amory Kane - Just To Be There (us/uk 1970)

Amory Kane - Just to Be There (us/uk 1970, extremely rare Hippy-folk lp)

* Amory Kane: guitar, vocals
* Dave Pegg: bass
* Ned Balen: drums

01. Evolution
02. Llanstephan Hill
03. Four Ravens
04. Golden Laces.
05. Get Together
06. After Vytas Leaves
07. Childhood's End
08. The Inbetween Man
09. The Hitchhiker's Song
10. Tenderly Stooping Low

Though American, Amory Kane was based in the U.K. when he recorded this, his second album; Fairport Convention bassist Dave Pegg, in fact, is one of the accompanists. It's a somewhat drifting, laid-back singer/songwriter effort that doesn't strike out with much force or distinction. There's a bit of Donovan-like wistfulness, as well as something of a utopian hippie-era brotherhood feel à la "Get Together," which is in fact covered for one of the LP's tracks. But the tunes are on the bland side, and the songs sometimes have an awkward wordiness. Bits of pastoral period psychedelic touches float around the arrangements, like ghostly wind noises, hand percussion, and eerily reverbed plucks, scrapes, and licks. Even by the lowered expectations folk-rock-psychedelic collectors might bring to very obscure records such as this, however, it isn't anything special. (?)
~ by Richie Unterberger, All Music Guide.

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V.A. - Echoes In Time 1 & 2 (1965-1972)

V.A. - Echoes in Time - Volume 1 & 2 (1965-1972) [Solar Records #23]
(us garage, rhythm & blues and psychedelic rare collection)

Human Expression, West Coast Brunch, United Travel Service, The Deep, The Kunks, Fapardokly, Unfolding, Mother Tucker's Yellow Duck, The Raves, Jerry And The Others, Ferguson Tractor, Lemon Pipers, Blue Scepter, The Outcasts, Nova Local, The Iguanas, King Beezz, The Avengers, British North American Act, Mijal And White, Crystal Rain, Fruit Of The Loom, The Frederic, The Soulbenders, SRC.

01. Human Expression - Optical Sound 02:24
02. West Coast Brunch - Spoonful 02:42
03. United Travel Service - Wind And Stone 03:17
04. The Deep - Trip #76 02:33
05. The Kunks - The Journey 02:13
06. Fapardokly - Gone To Pot/No Retreat 04:03
07. Unfolding - Play Your Game 02:50
08. Mother Tucker's Yellow Duck - Somebody Think 03:43
09. The Raves - Mother Nature 02:21
10. Jerry And The Others - Don't Cry To Me 02:52
11. Ferguson Tractor - 12 O'Clock High 02:48
12. Lemon Pipers - Quiet Please 02:25
13. Blue Scepter - Gypsy Eyes 04:51
14. The Outcasts - Set Me Free 02:52
15. Nova Local - Games 02:06
16. The Iguanas - Mona 02:41
17. King Beezz - Gloria 02:49
18. The Avengers - Reflection 02:48
19. British North American Act - Don't Run Away 02:36
20. Mijal And White - I've Been You 03:52
21. Crystal Rain - You And Me 03:14
22. Fruit Of The Loom - One Hand 02:27
23. The Frederic - Five O' Clock 02:13
24. The Soulbenders - Hey Joe 03:30
25. SRC - Badazz Shuffle 03:14

The musical creative excellence wich infused Rock 'n' Roll dusring the mid to late sixties is difficult to describe retrospectively, it was an atmosphere of energy and sensation wich one had to experience rather than interpret.In 1965 during the aftermath of the original British Invasion, a seemingly endless tide of inspired musicians were determined to explore the colorfully changing musical scene, wich beckoned from smoke hazed taverns in the night, the birth of an era was envolving in clubs and garages from Beacon Hill to Berkeley.Hence, in the short span of years to follow, the realization of psychedelia and punk had weaved an intricate pattern in the music world.Many of the populars bands had gathered their beginnings from palying the local high school dances and Battle-of-the band competitions and had successfully documanted their efforts on well received albums.However, thousands af small and obsure bands were not as fortunate as others and therefore made contributions via private labels as 45s, in hope of receiving airplay on local FM radio stations.Prior to megabuck commercialism, many locally produced singles had a change to be aired, as opposed to today's sad and pedantic formats.Thus. thousands of locally released singles from the sea of rare EP's and singles sought by today's sixties punk connoisseurs.This release captures a few of the finer rarities of that era
~ Review by Solar Records (CD boolket).
~ Posted by OldrockerBR.

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Robin Scott - Woman From the Warm Grass (uk 1969)

Robin Scott - Woman from the Warm Grass (uk 1969, Acid-Folk)

Born: April 01, 1947, Croydon, London, United Kingdom

Member of: Ryuichi Sakamoto & Robin Scott, Robin Scott & Shikisha.

Also Known As: M

01. The Sailor (Scott) 3:59
02. Song of the Sun (Scott/West) 3:42
03. The Sound of Rain (Scott) 4:30
04. Penelope (Scott) 7:01
05. The Day Begins (Scott) 4:54
06. Woman from the Warm Grass (Scott) 3:39
07. I Am Your Suitcase Lover (Scott) 4:22
08. Mara's Supper (Scott/Carruthers) 4:23
09. Point of Leaving (Scott) 3:17
10. The Purple Cadger (Scott/Carruthers) 3:14
11. Tattooed Lady (Scott/Carruthers) 4:53 [Bonus Track]

Beautiful folk-rock album with psychedelic touches.Thoughtful, earnest, acoustic guitar-led folk ballads. Backing on the album came from psychedelic legends Mighty Baby. With vinyl copies changing hands for hundreds of pounds, it's finally available on CD, showing itself to be a lost gem of British acid folk.
Robin Scott's 1969 album Woman from the Warm Grass was very much in the mold of many British folk-ground artists of the time who were gingerly making the transition to a folk-rock sound. In fact, in material and presentation, Scott was fairly similar in feel to a few other artists that producer Sandy Roberton worked with, including Al Jones, Keith Christmas, and Shelagh McDonald. Scott's vocals and songs were earnest and verbose, with the reflective fragile moodiness (and yearning, sometimes florid romanticism) found in many British folk/folk-rock singer/songwriters of the era, from Al Stewart and Donovan on down. As artists in this genre go, Scott's pleasant and reasonably interesting, though not distinguished. He and Roberton do vary the arrangements, sometimes opting for just solo acoustic guitar and voice, at others using full rock backing from the band Mighty Baby. Generally, the unplugged tracks work better; "The Sound of Rain," with subdued orchestration backing the acoustic guitar, has the sort of narrative-oriented mystical acid folk pioneered by Donovan, while "Song of the Sun" has the poetic wordy gray melancholy very particular to this period of British folk. So there's a lot here for listeners who dig this particular micro-style in general, with the notable exception of an overwhelmingly strong vocal or songwriting individuality, though Scott's likable enough.
[The 2006 CD reissue on Sunbeam adds a nice bonus cut from a BBC session, "Tattoed Lady," that doesn't appear on the original album in any form. This track has lead singing by Scott's girlfriend of the time, Penny Lamb (with Scott on guitar and vocal harmonies), and a slightly brighter, poppier, and more melodic feel than the material that had been recorded for the LP.]
~ Richie Unterberger, All Music Guide.

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The Aggregation - Mind Odyssey (us 1967)

The Aggregation - Mind Odyssey (us 1967)

Formed: Los Angeles, CA, United States

* LeWayne Braun (guitar, vocals),
* Dale Burt (organ, piano, vocals),
* Bayard Gregory (drums, timpani, bongos, tambourine, vocals),
* Richard Jones (rhythm guitar, vocals),
* Leo Potts (flute, clarinet, saxophone, recorder, kazoo, vocals),
* Bill Sissoev (bass, trombone, vocals),
* Lemoyne Taylor (flute, clarinet, saxophone, recorder, slide whistle, vocals).

A1. The Lady at the Gate 4:45
A2. Looking for the Tour Guide 2:13
A3. The Long Windy Tunnel 6:15
A4. Flying Free 3:05
A5. White Light 2:00
B1. In the Garden 3:05
B2. Reflections 2:55
B3. The City of Toys and Games 3:23
B4. Change 2:50
B5. Life's Light 6:00

One of the greatest US psych records with a dreamy, surreal quality of the super rare lone psychedelic lp from the band 'Aggregation'. The music is sophisticated and controlled, replacing the teenage mantra that had charged rock'n'roll with a wider palette drawing on cool jazz, movie soundtracks, light classical music and easy listening.
~ by dj fanis.
At the time the Aggregation recorded "Mind Odyssey" five of us were playing as one of the house bands at Disneyland in Southern California. Leo Potts, Lemoyne Taylor, Dale Burt, LeWayne Braun and I (Bayard Gregory) had been playing together for about two years. We all had degrees from Long Beach State (now California State University at Long Beach). Dale and I had earned Master's degrees in Sociology. All the others had earned Bachelor degrees in music (having matriculated with the soon to be famous Karen and Richard Carpenter). So, we were a rather well educated band with a large proportion of unusual names.We had played at Disneyland on a New Year's Eve - one of many bands recruited for a large gathering of high schools. That summer we were hired to play full-time at the Park. Leo Potts, our leader, took advantage of this situation and spent a good deal of time contacting music industry folks in the Hollywood area. (His labors were largely unappreciated by the rest of us at the time.) He offered them free passes to Disneyland and encouraged them to catch one of the six shows we played each day. It was a great way to audition.Among the people who took advantage of Leo's invitation was Lee Hazlewood. Lee produced both Frank and Nancy Sinatra and had his own small record label. He liked us and we recorded a single that he produced. On one side was an original instrumental by Dale Burt that Lee titled "Maharishi." (A different version appears on the album titled "Change.") The flip side was our instrumental arrangement of Donovan's "Sunshine Superman." Maharishi enjoyed some modest success on the East Coast, especially, we were told, in Boston. Based on this success (I presume) Hazlewood encouraged us to record an album.Lee put up the money for time at a small recording studio, and told us to record whatever we wanted to. We would be our own producers. We, ambitiously, decided to record a "concept" album with an overriding theme. We knew that we needed help to shore up some weaknesses for this project: We were primarily an instrumental group, lacking a strong vocalist. Our keyboard player, Dale Burt, played a keyboard bass at Disneyland. We wanted to free him up for the recording. Additionally, we were going to need help with lyrics.My spouse (at the time), Linda O'Hara had talents in both poetry and composing, and agreed to participate in the project. We recruited Bill Sissoev, another Long Beach State alumnus, who played excellent bass (and trombone on one cut). Also recruited was an excellent drummer, who's name escapes me, who plays on the album's first song. Leo and Lemoyne observed a number of bands and auditioned a number of vocalists. Richard Jones was not (amazingly) the primary lead singer in the band he was with when Leo and Lemoyne discovered him. But, he suited our purposes very, very well.I recall that recording "Mind Odyssey" was creative, rewarding and arduous. I think the others felt the same way. After giving the process our best, we presented the final result to Lee Hazlewood. He liked it, but thought it might appeal to his generation as much or more to people our age. He promoted the album as best he could, but the company that distributed recordings from his label did not think the album warranted any significant distribution. I don't know how many records were actually cut, but it was a very limited release.Writing this takes me back almost 40 years. I'd give you an update about the other members, but I've not contacted any of them for decades. I hope, however, that you find my recollections useful for your review. Thanks for your patience.
~ Bayard Gregory (member of the group).
~ interview taken by Patrick, Editor,
This group of talented and diverse musicians played Disneyland in the late '60s and was picked up for this one excellent Concept album by Lee Hazlewood on his LHI label in 1968. 'Unusual and atmospheric early art-rock/psych item based on an acid trip amusement park concept from classically trained band who held a residency at Disneyland! This LP could be seen as a precursor to those extraordinary 1970s private press artefacts, and reveals its classiness and coherence over time. Worth investigating
~ (Internet Source).

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Mack Sigis Porter - Peace on You (Ghana-Italy 1972)

Mack Porter - Peace on You (Ghana-Italy 1972, Prog Psych)

Born: Ghana

Currently: Italy

Also Known As: Mack Sigis Porter, Mack Squire.

LP - Peace on you (RiFi RDZ ST 14213 - 1972)
45 - Mary Grace/Yellow high (RiFi RFN NP 16420 - 1971)
45 - Freedom (All men should be free)/Sunday in neon lights (RiFi RFN NP 16491 - 1972)+ others

* Mack Sigis Porter (Vocals),
* Enrico Fratini (Guitar),
* Fabio Pesaresi (Bass),
* Giancarlo Sarano (Drums),
* Vince Tempera (Piano And Organ),
* Alberto Baldan (Vibes),
* Sergio Rigon (Flute),
* Massimo Verardi (Guitar),
* Rolando Ceragioli (Drums).

01. Miles to Go
02. Back Home
03. Peace on You
04. Sunday in Neon Lights
05. The Seventh House
06. Till the Fall
07. Freedom

Here is one of rarest psych records issued in Italy, 6 stars on Hans Pokora book!

A black african artist, born in Ghana during the English colonial occupation, Mack Porter moved to Netherlands and then to Italy in the late 60's, releasing here four pop and soul-oriented singles for the small Naples label Fans. In 1969 he won the Un disco per l'Europa song contest in Lugano, Switzerland. Signed to RiFi he made a concept album in 1972, under the name of Mack Sigis Porter, called Peace on you, strongly inspired by psych and slightly progressive atmospheres, with wild guitar solos (and some Hendrix-like vocals) but even some orchestral arrangements. Among the guest musicians there was keyboardist Vince Tempera from Il Volo. The rare and expensive album was housed in a nice gatefold centre-opening cover that had the small cutout of a bird shape in the central part. It's totally untrue that it only came out in a handful of promo copies as some insist. The album was a standard release that had no promotion at all and sold in minimal quantities.The first reissue ever produced for this album has been issued by the German label Shadoks Music in 2006, a wonderful limited pressing of 400 copies with thick cover (centre-foldout as the original) and heavy vinyl, absolutely recommended!After his musical career Porter became a stylist, and he's currently still working in this field under the name Mack Squire.
~ by
This is a truly underestimated album. Mack Sigis Porter is from Africa and his vocals sound a little like Hendrix. Check out track Sunday which is mind blowing. I bought the album on the strength of this track alone.
~ by Screwball (RYM).
This record was issued in Italy in the 1972, april and the good musiciens that join with the nice Mack Sigis Porter voice in the seven tracks - sung in english - are all italians. The record is composed by different pieces that we could definie 'soft progressive', very well amalgamated and relaxing.The first track, Miles To Go, begins with the two acoustic guitars of Enrico Fratini and Massimo Verardi evolving in a more articulate 'crescendo'. The best tracks are: Peace On You 10:08 minutes long with the piano and the organ played by Vince Tempera and the Sergio Rigon flute in evidence.Another good track is Sunday In Neon Lights opening the second side with a nice attack of fuzz guitar a little hard oriented taken by the soundtrack La morte scende leggera of the year 1972, as we can see by the notes written inside. The record is housed in a gatefold centre-opening cover that have the small cut-out of a dove shape in the central part. It reminds to the DR. Z cover record.Very rare and expensive record: it's value is circa 1000 dollars. Some promo copies exist too.
~ by

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Mack Sigis Porter - Peace on You (Ghana-Italy 1972)


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Gipsy Love - Gipsy Love (Austria 1972)

Gipsy Love - Gipsy Love (Austria 1972)
(1972 lp usa Basf Records 21115)

* Charly Ratzer - guitar, vocals
* Jano Stojka - drums, skins, percussion
* Kurt Hauenstein - bass, vocal, piano
* Peter Wolf - organ, fender-piano, piano, vibraharp
* George Doggette - hot air and a few syllables
* Richard Schonherz - keyboards, vocals
* Meme, Doris, Stefanie: vocals
* Demmer, Politzer, Salomon, Meerwald, Meisinger: brass

Side One
01. Just A Little Love (5:38)
02. There Is Something In Your Mind (4:35)
03. Every Time I See Your Smile (7:26)
04. I Observed So Many Changes (4:47)
Side Two
01. Let Me Come Over (3:10)
02. Don't Be Surprised (5:45)
03. She Smiles (7:33)
04. In Search (1:27)
05. What's It All About (4:30)

German 1st Press On BASF Label From 1972 "Made In Germany" Stamped In The Dead Wax Area....Great Early 70's German Prog/Psych Album Recalling The Likes Of Epitaph, Birth Control Etc...The 1st Gipsy Love LP....Very Rare & Hard To Find These Days!!
Their self-titled debut album, released on the BASF label in 1972. Gipsy Love were an Austrian Anglo-American styled hard rock band who's music style had elements of mainstream rock and progressive rock, with a few jazzy moments. They released a second album, "Here We Come", in the same year, and split. Interestingly, bassist Kurt Hauenstein went on to find fame with disco band Supermax in the mid 70's!
~ Internet Source.
The Gipsy Love debut is one of the rarer early 70's German / Austrian krautrock psych prog albumsThis is a great original copy of an LP that was never easy to find to begin with! The music is spectacular! It ranges from mellow to electric rock, to progressive folk, with hints of jazz, blues, heavy "Kraut-Rock" to American Indian influenced moves! Super searing acid guitar, heavy bass grooves, mellow piano & guitar segues, make this a "potpourri" of early 70's progressive rock.
~ Internet Source.

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Gipsy Love - Gipsy Love (Austria 1972).rar (60.51 MB)

Monday, December 7, 2009

Perth County Conspiracy - Alive (Canada 1971)

Perth County Conspiracy - Alive (Canada 1971, Hippie Folk)
- Live at Bathurst St. United Church, Toronto
- (COLUMBIA CAT. NO......GES 90037)

* RICHARD KEELAN - guitars, vocals,
* CEDRIC SMITH - guitars, vocals,
* TERRY JONES - guitars, vocals,
* GEORGE TAROS - piano, vocals.

(side 1)
01. You Ain't Goin' Nowhere (Bob Dylan) - 3:30
02. Sailboat (Terry Jones) - 4:23
03. Broken Wing (Cedric Smith) - 5:32
(side 2)
01. Take a Look at the Light Side (Richard Keelan) - 5:30
02. Stratford People (Cedric Smith) - 3:38
03. People Are Out of Tune (Richard Keelan) - 3:52
(side 3)
01. Hezakaiah - 3:14
02. Stories of Old (Terry Jones - Richard Keelan) - 4:10
03. Pilgrim (Cedric Smith) - 5:35
04. Welcome Surprise (Richard Keelan - Cedric Smith) - 5:35
(side 4)
01. I Spun You'out (Milton Acord - Cedric Smith) - 3:03
02. Tractor Song (Cedric Smith) - 5:28
03. Uncle Jed (Billy Batson) - 5:12

Perth County became the ideal place for hippies to leave the cities and set up their communes. The Perth County Conspiracy was just such a band. A merry band of men, women and children (and a few dogs and cats) who set about recording their brand of stoned-hippie-acoustic-psych-folk.
"Alive" was recorded at Toronto's Bathurst St. United Church in 1971 as 2LP set. Largely acoustic, showcasing some nice vocal harmonies and the band's penchant for crafting exceedingly pretty melodies. The Band is pretty tight, also.
Highlights included the opening Dylan cover 'You Ain't Goin' Nowhere', the pretty ballad 'Broken Wing' and and the radio friendly 'Take a Look at the Light Side' (the latter track being one of the few that seems to have undergone significant post-production work).
The fact that these guys actually had a sense of humor ('Stratford People') was an added bonus.
Once again produced by John Williams, the set sported crystal clear audio and sounded marvelous on a good stereo, or headphones. a mysterious tape was circling among long haired late-hippies of the time, of an obscure commune that called themselves "the perth county conspiracy" and insisted that they do not exist. years later I discovered they actually had a past material menifestation, as a theater group in Toronto try and find the whole album its a rare treasure and an intelligent antidote against cynicism they read Shakespeare and Dylan Thomas, just for fun!
~ by
Perth is a rural county in the Canadian territory of Ontario. In the late 60’s Perth County became the ideal place for hippies to leave the cities and set up their communes. The Perth County Conspiracy was just such a band. A merry band of men, women and children (and a few dogs and cats) who set about recording their brand of stoned-hippie-acoustic-psych-folk.
"Alive" was recorded at Toronto's Bathurst St. United Church in 1971 as 2LP set. Largely acoustic, the performances were all surprisingly good, showcasing some nice vocal harmonies and the band's penchant for crafting exceedingly pretty melodies. All of that came as a surprise to me since I didn't expect these guys to sound nearly as tight. Highlights included the opening Dylan cover 'You Ain't Goin' Nowhere', the pretty ballad 'Broken Wing' and and the radio friendly 'Take a Look at the Light Side' (the latter track being one of the few that seems to have undergone significant post-production work). The fact that these guys actually had a sense of humor ('Stratford People') was an added bonus. While the set had a lot going for it, one minor complaint stems from the emphasis on pained ballads which eventually started to take a toll on listeners (or maybe I'm just not sensitive enough). For what its worth, the album would have benefited from a couple of up-tempo numbers. Once again produced by John Williams, the set sported crystal clear audio and sounded marvelous on a good stereo, or headphones.
~ by Lizardson.

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Perth County Conspiracy - Alive (Can 1971 prog hippie folk psych).rar (98.21 MB)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Radiomöbel - Gudang Garam (Sweden 1978)

Radiomöbel - Gudang Garam (Sweden 1978)
Studio Album, released in 1978

Formed: 1973, Lund, Sweden
Disbanded: 1994 //

* Andrus Kangro (guitar),
* Carin Bohlin (vocals),
* Göran Andersson (bass),
* Mikael Skoog (drums),
* Richard Moberg (keyboards).

01. Gudang Garam – Höstsång (3.43)
02. Fasa (0.41)
03. E-Matt (15.51)
04. Vaggvisa(1.22)
05. Kylle (6.57)
06. Flugornas Morgon (7.10)
07. Finalen (8.24)

First released as a private press in 1978, this is a classic slice of Swedish, keyboard driven prog with a very DIY production. Almost symphonic in its execution and performance, and with great swathes of classic synth and guitar work, the overall sound is reminiscent of bands like Camel, or Van Der Graaf Generator in their more contemplative moments. An excellent hidden slice of undiscovered prog taking the musical journey to it’s highlight in the 15 minute "E-Matt ".This is their 2nd LP.
~ by mutantsounds.

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Radiomobel - Gudang Garam (Sweden 1978).rar (60.44 MB)

Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Rainy Daze - That Acapulco Gold (us 1967)

The Rainy Daze - That Acapulco Gold (us 1967 UNI Lp)

Formed: 1965, Denver, CO, United States

* Tim Gilbert - (vocals, guitar),
* Mac Ferris - (lead guitar),
* Bob Heckendorf - (keyboards),
* Sam Fuller - (bass),
* Kip Gilbert - (drums).

* Engineer - Dave Wiechman , Soren Bredsdorff,
* Album Design - Frazier/Hauge & Associates,
* Photography - Don Whiteley , Harvey Reeder,
* Producer - Frank Slay.

ALBUM: 1(A) That Acapulco Gold (UNI 73002) 1967.

01. Absurd Bird 2:57 (Written By: J. Carter*, T. Gilbert*),
02. Baby I Need Your Loving 3:31 (Written By: E. Holland, L. Dozier, B. Holland*),
03. Weatherman 2:30 (Written By: J. Carter*, T. Gilbert*),
04. Out Of A Calico Dream 2:26 (Written By: J. Carter*, T. Gilbert*),
05. Medley 3:57:
a). Shake (Written By: S. Cooke*),
b). Knock On Wood (Written By: E. Floyd*, S. Cropper*),
c). Respect (Written By: O. Redding*),
06. Discount City 2:37 (Written By: M. Ferris*),
07. That Acapulco Gold 2:23 (Written By: J. Carter*, T. Gilbert*),
08. Try A Little Harder 2:30 (Written By: J. Carter*, T. Gilbert*),
09. For What It's Worth 2:56 (Written By: S. Stills*),
10. In My Mind Lives A Forest 2:45 (Written By: J. Carter*, T. Gilbert*),
11. Snow And Ice And Burning Sand 3:11 (Written By: J. Carter*, T. Gilbert*).
Bonus Tracks:
12. Blood Of Oblivion (non lp 45),
13. Good Morning, Mr Smith.

Psychedelic pop combo the Rainy Daze formed in Denver, CO, in 1965. Comprised of singer/guitarist Tim Gilbert, his brother Kip on drums, lead guitarist Mac Ferris, bassist Sam Fuller, and keyboardist Bob Heckendorf, the group started as little more than a covers act, nevertheless parlaying a string of frat party gigs into a local television appearance that reportedly caught the attention of famed producer Phil Spector, who extended a management contract. A massive publicity campaign was in the planning stages when the spectacular failure of his magnum opus, Ike & Tina Turner's "River Deep, Mountain High," left Spector's career in shambles; the Rainy Daze were among the collateral damage, and only in 1967 did their debut single, "That Acapulco Gold" -- written by Tim Gilbert in collaboration with his college roommate John Carter -- appear on Denver producer Frank Slay's Chicory label. When the single caught fire locally the fledgling UNI label snapped up national distribution rights, but with "That Acapulco Gold" at number 70 on the Billboard charts, the bottom fell out. Once radio programmers finally intuited the song's pro-marijuana content, it was pulled from play lists coast to coast. The Rainy Daze quickly resurfaced with "Discount City," which went nowhere. The follow-up, "Fe Fi Fo," was quickly deleted and reissued under the new and improved title "Blood of Oblivion," even securing a U.K. release but still failing to crack pop radio. After an LP, That Acapulco Gold, and a Tim Gilbert solo single, "Early October," UNI dropped the group. However, by this time Gilbert and Carter were earning notice as a crack songwriting duo, and via Slay earned a crack at revamping a demo track cut by an unknown psych-pop outfit known as Thee Sixpence. Gilbert and Carter added lyrics and a new melody, titling the finished song "Incense and Peppermints." Thee Sixpence cut the new tune, renamed themselves the Strawberry Alarm Clock immediately thereafter, and in late 1967 topped the Billboard pop charts. No doubt the success of "Incense and Peppermints" contributed to splitting the Rainy Daze in early 1968, but Gilbert nevertheless signed to White Whale to record one final Daze single, "Make Me Laugh," backed by L.A. session players. He and Carter next masterminded Horses, a country-rock quintet whose eponymous 1969 LP was a victim of White Whale's pending bankruptcy. Gilbert soon after retired from music, but Carter forged on, later writing for Sammy Hagar and the Motels. He also produced two songs on Tina Turner's 1984 comeback smash Private Dancer before moving into artist management.
~ by Jason Ankeny, All Music Guide.
A great pop-punk-psychedelic outfit from Denver, Colorado. Only the first 45 appears on their album which is recommended. They first formed in 1965 when they specialised in playing beat and R&B and they were a regular attraction at local frat parties. Almost unbelievably they were unearthed by Phil Spector who signed them to a management contract and a giant publicity campaign was planned but never really materialised. A year or so later That Acapulco Gold appeared on the local IP label and Frank Slay, a local producer, bought the rights and released it on his Chicory label. However, it was quickly leased to UNI and became the band's best known song making the No. 70 spot. Although they never again equalled this commercial success they continued to make some excellent 45s. One of the best, a beautifully crafted piece of pop-psych was originally released as Fe Fi Fo Fum, but was almost immediately withdrawn and reissued with a different title Blood Of Oblivion, even securing a U.K. release (Polydor 56737). Tim Gilbert, the main songwriter, also released a solo 45 Early October/If We Stick Together (UNI 55045) 1967 - folkie fare which has been compared to Tim Buckley. He would go into songwriting and his compositions (with J. Carter) would appear on Hardwater (fellow Coloradans The Astronauts in disguise), Yankee Dollar, Horses and Strawberry Alarm Clock LPs. Their album includes the first 45 and Discount City, a sorta bluesy honky tonk, which was the 'A' side of their third 45. Aside from an almost four minute medley of Shake, Knock On Wood and Respect, other notable songs include a pretty good cover of Stephen Stills' For What Its Worth, a fuzzy Taxman-like song called Weatherman and an Eastern-style slice of psychedelia, Snow And Ice And Burning Sand. However, the album's finest moment was In My Mind Lives A Forest (the flip to their first 45) - an exquisite slice of pop-psychedelia. Recommended. Compilation appearances have included: Absurd Bird on Kicks & Chicks (LP); Make Me Laugh on Of Hopes And Dreams & Tombstones (LP) and Psychedelic Unknowns, Vol. 7 (LP & CD); That Acapulco Gold on Psychedelic Visions (CD); In My Mind Lives A Forest on Psychedellc Archives, Vol. 6 and Acid and Flowers (CD); and Fe Fi Fo Fum on Highs In The Mid Sixties, Vol. 18 (LP).
~ by Vernon Joynson / Max Waller (Fuzz Acid & Flowers).

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The Rainy Daze - That Acapulco Gold (us 1967 UNI Lp).rar (50.39 MB)

Friday, December 4, 2009

Phluph - Phluph (us 1968)

Phluph - Phluph (us 1968, VERVE V6-5054)

Formed: Cambridge, MA, United States

* Lee Dudley (vocals, drums),
* Ben Blake (vocals, guitar),
* John Pell (vocals, bass),
* Joel Maisano (vocals, organ).

A1. Dr. Mind 2:51
A2. It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry 2:41
A3. In Her Way 3:03
A4. Another Day 4:40
A5. Girl in Tears 3:10
B1. Ellyptical Machine 2:30
B2. Lovely Lady 5:50
B3. Death of a Nation 2:30
B4. Love Eyes 6:56
B5. Patterns 2:33

Psychedelic Boston-based band who cut a single brilliant album in 1968.
Hailing from Boston in the late sixties, Phluph recorded their one and only album for the Verve record label before drifting off into obscurity. One wonders why such a talented group never achieved success in the music industry. Perhaps Verve, being a predominatly jazz based label, did not know how to promote the band properly. Or perhaps it was because Phluph were part of the ill-fated "Bosstown Sound" scene which caused such a furore in the music industry at that time.
Phluph never survived the backlash and disappeared, leaving behind their sole album cut for Verve in 1968. Since its rediscovery the album has garnered some disparaging reviews from some quarters, yet has been lauded by others. In all honesty Phluph is not as ground breaking or experimental as other albums from that era but nevertheless it still stands as a great slice of psychedelic pop.
It is an album very much of its time, combining all the elements most people would expect from a late sixties piece; fuzz guitar, close harmonies, thinly veiled drug references in the lyrics and a heavy amount of organ grinding.
~ By:

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Phluph - Phluph (us 1968).rar

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Ellufant - Release Concert (Hol 1972)

Ellufant - Release Concert (Hol 1972, Obscure Dutch Experimental Rock)

Formed: Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands

* Ernst Kersting (keyboards),
* Cees P. de Visser (percussion)

01. Ubiquinon (E. Kersting) 16:05
02. Ouabaïne (E. Kersting) 16:49

- Recorded live on April 7th, 1972 at Ruimtes Situatie Centrum, Rotterdam.
- Engineered by Koos Groeneveld- Produced by Lou Thiel
- Cover by Fred Julsing - Originalaly only 150 copies pressed.
- This is the limited repress of 500 copies (vinyl not on cd).
- Has two 16 minute+ jams.
- It's similiar to early "Pink Floyd" and German bands like "Can"and experimental electronic music.

Ernst Kersting and Cees de Visser formed a duo under names like Abandoned Elephant, 11 Phant, Ellef-Fant and finally Ellufant. Kersting played his self build organ and de Visser played drums and a sort of echo machine played . Their music was very much improvised and during live performances tracks could last for about a half hour to three quarters of an hour. In 1972 they recorded a live album on behalf of Release, an organisation to help drug addicts. From this album 150 copies were made.

Ellufant's Release Concert has to be one of the weirdest Dutch obscurities, belonging less to the symphonic-influenced group of bands that would come later in the 70s and more to the psychedelic underground where bands like Ahora Mazda, Dennis and Ame Son reside. For 1972, Release Concert is a pretty dated album, with those late 60s organ and super wahed/fuzzed out guitar tones rambling on improvisationally. Ellufant mixed up this run of the mill, Iron Butterfly-like jamming by altering their tones, substantially at times, sometimes creating noises that sound like they originated from electronic equipment of years later. While some of these improvisations are occasionally interesting, they don't hold up too much over a full-length album, particularly because the music backing up the tonal manipulation varies very little. Surely, Soft Machine was an influence here at least in terms of the keyboards, although Ellufant don't have close to their level of chops. Not really a whole lot to say - plenty of reverb, mostly unexciting jamming, with only a bit of weird tone-tweaking to make it a bit better than average. Some obscurities were meant to be.
~ (Mike McLatchey@Gnosis).
The Dutch equivalent of Hardin & York or Sixty Nine, this was an organ-and-drums duo. 150 copies of their album were issued and sold at gigs in order to support an organisation helping drug addicts. Included were two tracks of long live improvisations with good use of wah-wah and other pedals, resulting in a sound resembling early Mike Ratledge. Listening to the album will transport you back to the heyday of the Dutch underground. It's quite a good live performance. The album is better than you might expect in the circumstances.
~ (Scented Gardens Of The Mind, D. E. Asbjørnsen).

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Sea Stone - Mirrored Dreams (uk 1978)

Sea Stone - Mirrored Dreams (uk 1978)
Release date: 1978
Genre: Folk-Rock
Duration: 43:00

01. Brand New Day 4:38
02. Rolling Stone 3:25
03. Helping Hand 5:54
04. Waves Of Loneliness 5:58
05. Foolish Hero 4:21
06. Unborn Child 4:41
07. Precious Dreams 7:38
08. Wake Up 6:22

Reissue on CD of ultra rare 1978 album by Christian progressive psych rock band from the U.K.
Great guitars and tones. Very cool-headed and stormless. When your in one of those relaxed and subdued moments, but still want to hear some nice guitars. Psych rock band from the U.K. Recorded between 1973 and 1977. The album was only released as a private pressing. Thanx to the original up from "apoundforabrown" for turning me on to this.

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Sea Stone - Mirrored Dreams (uk 1978).rar (61.80 MB)

Monday, November 30, 2009

Scorpion - I Am The Scorpion (Swe 1970)

Scorpion - I Am the Scorpion (Swe 1970, psych flower-power)

Formed: Sweden

Original Release Date: March 9, 1966
Label: MNW
Copyright: 1970 Musiknätet Waxholm

* Bo Anders Larson (vocals),
* Hasse Jonsson (bass),
* Lars Erichsen (bass),
* Lasse Summanen (guitar),
* Pelle Holm (drums),
* Ted Ström (organ),
* Sam Ellison,
* Rolf Adolfsson.

Related Artists:
Contact, Fria Proteatern, Kebnekaise, Resan, Ron Faust, Rowing Gamblers, Tintacs, Vargen.

01. I Am The Scorpion (Composer: Larson Fowley)
02. Hey Girl I'm Ugly (Composer: Fowley Holm Jonsson Summanen)
03. Sagitarius (Composer: Strom)
04. Everybody Knows My Name (Composer: Larson Fowley)
05. Red Queen Of The Underground (Composer: Fowley Larson Holm Summanen Ellisson Jonsson)
06. Blues For Jimi Hendrix (Composer: Fowley Larson Holm Summanen Ellisson Jonsson)
07. Michoican (Composer: Allen Fowley)
08. Funky Yellow Car (Composer: Larson Fowley)
09. Are You My Friend (Composer: Bonfire Fowley )
10. Hey La La La (Composer: Larson)
11. We.....Are Through (Composer: Larson Fowley)
12. Love Is Ment For Two (Composer: Larson Fowley)

An underrated very rare album produced by Kim Fowley !!!
~ by Philmarie (RYM).

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Scorpion - I Am The Scorpion (Swe 1970, psych flower-power).rar (57.01 MB)

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Morning After - Blue Blood (uk 1971)

Morning After - Blue Blood (uk 1971)

Formed: 1967, Manchester, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom

* Norman Hume [Norman Beaker] (guitar, vocals),
* Malcolm Hume (drums),
* Ian Stocks (bass),
* John McCormick (keyboards).

Related Artists: Norman Beaker Band, The Victor Brox Blues Train

A1. Trying to Find My Way Back Home
A2. As Before
A3. Gonna Make It
A4. Lonesome Road
B1. Crying Shame
B2. Look at Life
B3. Thats the Way It Goes
B4. Travelling Man

Here we have a completely unknown album from England from 1971. Morning After recorded this LP as a demo only to acquire a record deal (as so many bands did in the late 60/s early 70s). So the album was pressed only in tiny amounts. The recording was with home studio equipment. Some of the tracks on the album sound like Blues Rock from the late Fleetwood Mac and some have a more progressive touch such as Shuttah. Great & heavy guitar work, fuzz and wah-wah all over the album, snotty vocals, all own great compositions. The album title Blue Blood assumed a noble wealthy family and a member of the establishment, but the music and lyrics are just the opposite. The music on this album is pure British Underground, electrifying, pure and raw, no Sgt. Pepper sing a long tunes. Just superb!
~ Internet Source.

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Morning After - Blue Blood (uk 1971).rar (69.95 MB)

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Days - Days (Denmark 1971)

Days - Days (Denmark 1971, Spectator)

Formed: 1967, København, Denmark

* Peter Lindhe (drums),
* John Kjaergaard (vocals, rhythm guitar, 1967-69),
* Ole Fester (vocals, bass, 1967-71),
* Lars Reinau (vocals, lead guitar, 1967-71),
* Jørn Anker (Hammond organ, 1969-?).

A1. Preambulum
A2. Discovery in Blues
A3. Believe Me
A4. Feel the Joy
B1. What Can I Do
B2. The Lonely Shepherd Boy
B3. Globe Without a Soul

This release offers in fact all the best elements a 70s rock band was able to offer, and which I won’t expect to find any more in almost any band of today. First of all, they make me realize how charming a Hammond organ can sound as a contribution to this sound. Also, this organist is really talented by bringing in surprising themes like a classical inspiration (intro) or a circus-barrel theme (fun outro), with many surprising breaks, in rhythm and style (like with small jazzier or bluesier instrumental passages), without any exaggeration of doing so. Most of all the evolution in the songs with its instrumental parts isn’t straight forward at all. There are perfect, calm, smooth evolutions, with breathing progressions, with nice sounding songs and vocals, with very harmonious and subtle arrangements with classical composition ability, without forgetting the smoothness, with a fluently direct performance with an intelligent cooperative group’s strength band where each member counts as much as the other for the composition and performance’s results, I hardly find such an approach in any today’s music : where everyone is really listening to the other one’s lines, but still make another and different additional layer that organically fits within the evolution of the composition, and nice electric guitar solos with moody organ. The album has everything to name it a classic.
~ Internet Source.
"From Denmark 1970; LP in edition of 450 numbered copies, glossy heavy sleeve, 180 gram pressing, insert. The Danish group Days was formed in Copenhagen in the winter 1967/68 by Peter Lindhe (drums), John Kjaergaard (vocals/rhythm guitar), Ole Fester (vocals/bass) and Lars Reinau (vocals/lead guitar). The bands repertoire was mainly rock and blues oriented with cover versions of songs from John Mayalls Bluesbreakers, Cream, Jimi Hendrix and The Rolling Stones. During 1968/69 Peter Lindhe and Lars Reinau started writing original material to the band and the repertoire started changing from rock/blues cover versions to self composed more lyrical songs with elements of the Beatles, Procol Harum and (early) Deep Purple. In 1969 Jørn Anker (Hammond organ) joined the band and he too started contributing new original songs to the band. The Days LP was recorded in the early summer of 1970 and in 1971 the band split up. Days is one the the rarest albums from Denmark which also came out on Spectator (Blues Addicts, Terje Jesper & Joachim, Moses). It is full of amazing prog tunes with great organ elements and strong fuzz guitar. A killer album from beginning to end."
~ By Shadoks Music.

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Days - Days (Den 1971 Spectator).rar (59.75 MB)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Mantis - Turn Onto Music (Fiji Islands 1973)

Mantis - Turn Onto Music (Fiji Islands 1973, Vertigo LP)

Formed: Suva, Fiji Islands

* Joe Heritage (Bass Guitar / Vocals)
* Ronnie Sammuel (Keyboards)
* Paul Stephen (Drums)
* Waisea Vatuwaga (Lead Guitar / Vocals)
* Reuben Davui (Guitar / Vocals)

A1. Day & Night
A2. In the Midnight Hour
A3. You Don't Love Me
A4. Mississippi Queen
A5. Shake That Fat
B1. Turn Onto Music
B2. Island Suite
a. Firewalker
b. Back at the Village
c. Hurricane Bebe

Mantis were a Fijian rock group that came to Wellington and took up a residency at one of the clubs. While they were in Wellington they recorded an album in 1973 called "Turn Onto Music". It was released on the Vertigo label. Two singles came from the album, "Night and Day"/"Time Is Tight" and "Turn On The Music"/"Get Down". Their style was very much funk. The group has come from the islands of Fiji.
~ by: 6070Rock.

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Mantis - Turn onto music (Fiji Islands 1973).rar (57.62 MB)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Shadrack - Shadrack Chameleon (us 1973)

Shadrack - Shadrack Chameleon (us 1973 psych-rock)

Formed: IA, United States

* Steve Fox (bass, vocals),
* Jon Porter (organ),
* Randy Berka (guitar),
* Dan Dodgen (drums),
* Artie Strutzenberg (drums)

Also Known As: Shadrack Chameleon

01. I Wonder Why - (bonus track)
02. Chameleon (I Love You)
03. Granite Feast
04. Don't Let It Get You Down
05. It Was Me - (bonus track)
06. Long Road to Ole' Miss.
07. That's the Way It's Gotta Be
08. Beyond Eternity

For an album created by a revolving group of friends from three separate bands, Shadrack Chameleon is quite a cohesive little surprise. Steve Fox is the only constant on each of the eight songs on the album, and, in a way, could be considered Shadrack Chameleon since his guitar, bass, songwriting, and vocal talents come to the forefront. Fox's thinnish vocals can be an acquired taste, but he is a strong, instinctive writer. A Jimmy Page influence (almost inevitable during the period) is discernible in the interesting, mystical chords and changes on the album. The band is certainly not a Zeppelin soundalike, though, because the changes that Fox and sometime-partner Randy Berka conceived are countered by a gentle acoustic feel and a languid rather than dynamic pulse. The band can employ a beautiful, stomping country-rock style, as on the opening cut "I Wonder Why," with its ensemble vocal hook (reminiscent of Emerson, Lake & Palmer's "Lucky Man") and organ, or it can be a heavier progressive rock outfit, as on "Long Road to Ole' Miss" and "Granite Feast." Mostly, though, Shadrack Chameleon might be termed progressive folk, and songs like "That's the Way It's Gotta Be" and "Don't Let It Get You Down" reveal strummed chording that comes out sounding almost claustrophobic and is a good match for each song's subject matter. The members of Shadrack didn't lack ambition, either; "Chameleon (I Love You)" is an epic ballad with seemingly two songs combined into one, while the album ends on the spare acoustic-to-electric drone of "Beyond Eternity." The album ultimately passes by in an almost lazy haze and is occasionally accomplished, but too often Shadrack Chameleon sounds, if not uninspired, uninterested or flat.
~ By Evermoreblues.
One of those "special" albums you'll either get and love or probably find as exciting as rice pudding. Very Neil Young/Crazy Horse vibe to the music, but there's a sort of garage-y desperation/enthusiasm thing going on. Very solid, simple songs and melodies with more straightforward folk elements here and there. "Granite Feast" is definitely tops. Much like the slightly similar Rayne this definitely could pass for late 80s/early 90s college rock. Except it doesn't suck.
~ By Gafnerostow (RYM).
here is the album by this legendary garage band from Humbolt, Iowa. Taken from the original master tapes the one and only self titled album was originally released on IGL in 1970 and only 800 copies were pressed 500 of which were destroyed before it even got released. All former members of the band worked closely with GEAR FAB to realise this great CD.
~ By Miguel Angel (

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Shadrack - Shadrack Chameleon (us 1973 psych-rock).rar (79.03 MB)

Prufrock - Visions (us 1967)

Prufrock - Visions (us 1967)
[unreleased since 2007]

* John Capanna- Vocals, guitar, percussion
* Charles Giana - Vocals, bass, guitar, keyboard, percussion
* John Hall - Vocals, guitar, drums, sitar, percussion
* Tom Lubin - Vocals, percussion
* Jim Onetake - Lead Guitar Gun

Album Credits:
Ojai Community String Quartet - Strings
Ojai Not Ready For Sunday Service Singers - Choir
Ensenada Brass - Horns
Two Dot Studio, Ojai, California - Studio recording & mixing
Dean Thompson - Technical assistance and mentoring
Rob Grant, Poons Head Studio, Fremantle - Transfer from the original tapes
Alex Ringis - Master assembly
Randall Lynton, Liquid Amber Design - Album cover design
Glenn Paris Martin - Illustration
Gold Star Studios, Hollywood - Acetates (in 1967 only 6 were made)
Special thanks to David Gold for permission to use original Gold Star label art.
Vinyl release: RD-19, RD Records, Switzerland.

01. Captain Jack
02. It Was A Good Day
03. Tired
04. Now The Time Is
05. You Came
06. Not With The Likes Of You
07. Too Young
08. Long Hard Road/ Look Out Of Your Window
09. Mr Wrighter's Writing
10. Whisper Of Love
11. Fredric Milpip's Mother
12. Captain Jack (Reprise)

Editorial Reviews:Product Description:Visions was recorded in 1967 at a small studio near LA. It was first released in 07 on vinyl through RD Records. This is its first release on CD.It is a rare recording of music that captures the mood and the times of that "Summer of Love".Early in 67 Tom Lubin had produced an album at Two:Dot Studios on a four track. When the owner upgraded to an 8-track, he asked Tom to make a recording that could show the studio's new capability. Tom brought together some friends, and Prufrock was born. By October Prufrock had recorded an eclectic collection of songs to form the album Visions. There was one major problem - Prufrock loved to record but two of them didn't want to perform.In late 67 Tom was hired as an assistant engineer at the legendary Gold Star Studios. So that Prufrock had something to remember, when no one was around at GS, he made 6 acetates of Visions. Each of the band members, the guitar player and Two:Dot got one. Several song demos were also made for a publisher who liked the songs. But Prufrock 's Visions was never released. That was the end of it, or so it seemed until mid 2006.It seems one of the publisher demos had found its way to Europe and one song "Too Young" was released in Austria on a sampler of rare recordings of the 60s. A couple of years later the acetate was pictured in a rare record collector's book. The Gold Star label had the song title with Lubin as producer. So, from an acetate label seen in a book to a Google Search, he was found and contacted by e-mail."Dear Sir Are you the Tom Lubin who produced and engineered the band Prufrock in 1967....?"Tom was floored. It seems the sender was a fan of 60s music, and had a label that released recordings of that era. He was based in Switzerland and had heard only the one song of Visions.Over time and situations things disappear, but a few years ago Tom had gone into a studio and transferred all the tapes he had in a box to digital, and Prufrock's Visions was one of them.Once RD heard it, they wanted to give it its first release and to be completely authentic, on vinyl.Prufrock's Visions stands on its own, not as just an interesting rare artefact. It is an amazing sounding recording made with basic multi-track equipment in the middle of no-where. The songs powerfully reflect the raging time in which they lived. The Vietnam war, the draft, civil rights, assassinations, social unrest, the cold war, the bomb, political protest, free love, the pill, getting stoned, hippies, the British invasion, Timothy Leary, Haight-Ashbury, LSD. The baby boomers were coming of age and soon would be in charge. So many of those songs of 40 years ago continue to resonate in the present day.
This is an album worth having. You'll be blown away.
~ By: Amazon.
Here is another lost and unreleased at the time Californian psychedelic masterpiece of the highest caliber from 1967!
Only a few (if even a few) acetate 45 singles where known by this incredible great band from the Ojai, CA area. The recordings for an album were done in the Two:Dot Studios in 1967. (The same studios the ARTHUR recordings and e.g. HENDRICKSON ROADHOUSE came from) and the acetates were pressed in the legendary “Gold Star Studios” the same year. The music is a mixture of superb garage folk, swinging London style garage pop and heavy fuzz loaded psychedelic to the max tracks with some incredible great eastern influences!
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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Kath - Kath 1 (us 1975)

Kath - Kath 1 (us 1975 Rockadelic Lp)

* Val Rogolino
* Cheese Sollers
* Bruce Lapier
* Brent Buckley
* Bob.

01. Love Me Down
02. I Want To Love You
03. Lonely Again
04. Goodbye Sunshine
05. Tell Laura I Love Her
06. As I Looked
07. It Doesn't Mean
08. Candleman
09. Norwegian Wood
10. Mother Dear
12. Just Like You
13. Say What You Feel
14. She's The Girl I Love

Originally released in a limited edition of 60 hand made copies, this LP has gone virtually unknown for 30 years and has only been whispered about by the heaviest of collectors. The band evolved from the local Maryland 60s band "Badge" and is heavily influenced by The Beatles. This is a real DIY effort recorded in the home of the bands leader and dedicated to his pet monkey!!!! No, we're not making it up. . . This release has most of the original LP cuts and a couple of unreleased songs for good measure.Metallic silver and blue paste over cover is a duplication of the original artwork and the inserts contain band photos and story. One of the few folks who have heard this LP, the Psychedelic High Lama, had this to say about Kath..... "Obscure and impressive melodic basement garage/psych excursion with a lo-fi atmosphere that would have most purveyors flip out" "Not unlike the best tracks on Rockadrome" " At times the vibe is almost like Mystery Meat or Index, and that's not something you run across every day." "Good fuzz throughout, charming amateur vocals".Only a few hundred made and on ROCKADELIC!
~ by: Freakemporium.
KATH (MD)"Kath" 1975 (no label) [60p; gatefold] "Kath" 2005 (Rockadelic 51) [+bonus tracks; no gatefold; 500p]Obscure and quite impressive melodic basement garage/psych excursion with a lo-fi atmosphere that would have most purveyors flip out, hits the Ampex two-track echo & tinny drum sound dead on. The sound is a bit "Canadian" to me, with a few French language snips and a typical Maple Leaf sound with lots of keyboard and reverbed vocals, not unlike the best tracks on Rockadrome. As it turns out the band was actually from Maryland, though leader Val Rogolino was part-French. In any event, it's mostly originals with a few covers including a fuzzed-out cough syrup take on "Norwegian Wood" that could be the best version ever. The selfpenned material is good, with a 60s teenbeat sensibility rather than heavy/hard rock. At times the vibe is almost like Mystery Meat or Index, and that's not something you run across every day. At the same time there are obvious hints that this dates from a later era, and it was in fact recorded over a period of several months in 1974. Good fuzz throughout, charming amateur vocals, and a late-night rehearsal space ambience. "It doesn't mean" is a highpoint for me. There are also brief snips of aural experiments for the right $15 avantgarde touch. "Kath" appears to be a reference to the main guy's girlfriend. The band also had a non-LP EP from 1978 under the name Badge, with a more polished version of "It doesn't mean", and a 45 around the same time. The Rockadelic removes one track from the original, and adds a couple new ones. [PL]
A totally outside garage/psych/private LP that feels as personally projected as alla those Michael Yonkers sides and that was recorded in Maryland in 1974. Nuts lo-fi recording quality and impossible-to-figure production values gives this a nicely zonked almost real-people vibe and I've seen listings that compare the lost, garage feel of this record to revered sides like Mystery Meat and Index. At points the sound is so dosed in lo-fi F/X that it sounds like the tapes are somehow inside out. Buncha originals, some French language, keyboards, fuzz, heap of amateur avant spirit and a cover of "Norwegian Wood" that ranks up there alongside Bill Comeau's "Eleanor Rigby" as one of the few listenable Beatles covers ever cut by teens with brains. Beautiful silver/blue paste-on sleeves and insert with the full saga and pics.
~ by: Lost In Tyme.

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